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WOW: Has Russell Brand Been Red-Pilled?



I’ve always found Russell Brand to be very fascinating….

Obviously a funny guy but you could also tell he is incredibly smart.

Always found him to be very interesting to listen to.

And now it looks like he may be in the process of being red-pilled or maybe already is fully red-pilled?

Because I came across two videos he posted today and I couldn’t believe it!

The first was titled Covid Cover-Up: New BOMBSHELL Lab Leak Report!! and in the video he’s blowing the lid right off the official COVID origin story.

Now I understand we’ve all been all over this story for over a year now, but the normies haven’t!

And especially people with big audiences would not risk losing the power of the “almighty YouTube” by daring to actually say it.

Brand has 3.62 MILLION YouTube subscribers and he just dared to say it.

Watch here:

But that wasn’t it.

The other topic in the last two years that Big Tech has told us all very clearly not to cover is the fact that Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Also….Epstein’s close ties to Bill Gates.

And what did I see next?

Brand talking ALL about these two topics!

He even says in this video that the idea that Epstein couldn’t and wouldn’t have possibly killed himself in the way they claim he did isn’t even a “conspiracy theory”…, he says it’s just basic common sense and practically FACT at this point.

Oh man….Brand has gone full red-pill and I love it!

How soon before he gets “cancelled”?

We will watch and see.

Keep speaking boldly my friend!

We need people like you now more than ever.

Let’s wake up some sheeple!


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