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Is the Great Awakening Upon Us? Inspiring Video That Exposes the Crumbling COVID-19 Narrative


When I stumbled upon this video, I had to share it.

After watching, I was in a fiery mood for the weekend.

For the past 20 months, we’ve witnessed the biggest psychological operation carried out in history.

And during 2021, the most wicked medical experiment conducted on humanity.

The globalist control freaks have strangled the world with fear and deception over COVID-19.

Governments around the world have spiraled into medical dictatorships.

For several countries in the western world, they’ve lost any semblance of a free society.

But are more people finally waking up and ready to fight like hell to take their countries back from tyrants?

If there’s any country that needs to fight, it’s certainly Australia.

The Land Down Under has transformed into a totalitarian police state before our eyes.

Their citizens have lived in rolling lockdowns for over a year, and the Australian regime continues to treat them as slaves.

The maker of this video primarily targeted Australians to inspire them to take their country back.

But it serves as a lesson for everyone around the world.

Watch below and share your thoughts:

For Australians, the time is now.

If you don’t take your country back now, it’s gone forever.

But this fight isn’t limited to Australians.

Citizens around the world must prepare to draw a line in the sand to defeat these globalist tyrants.

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Everyone’s time to fight will come.

From LifeSiteNews:

It is dramatic and exceptionally revealing about what we have all been going through over the past year and several months with the internationally orchestrated campaign using COVID to attempt to soon enslave everyone on the planet. There has never been anything like it in history because of extraordinary developments in technology.

I have seen most of the included clips before, but they are put together in a way that somewhat reveals the depth of evil we are dealing with and the dire need to resist – and resist now. You must have been noticing how fast things are changing in a very worrisome and bewildering direction.

There seems to be little time left to act to stop these evil globalist’s plans from succeeding. For them, everything depends on a naïve, compliant, distracted and constantly fearful public not noticing or believing what is being done to the world.

Stay tuned for more updates in Australia.


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