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WATCH: Biden STUMBLES To Answer Non-Pre Screened Questions


Biden isn’t a Kennedy….

Or a Reagan, or a Roosevelt as Nile Gardiner points out.

What the world saw today were lies so obvious that it boggles the mind that Joe Biden even decided to appear at the press conference at all—something many journalists thought would happen when he was late to his own press event.

I think it’s time for some new leadership.

I think it’s time to reinstate President Trump…

Take a look at this sad excuse for a Commander-In-Chief:

Becker News had a transcript of the interaction between an NPR reporter and Biden:

“Thank you, Mr. President,” he said. “I just want to follow up on something you said a moment ago. You said that there’s ‘no circumstances’ where American citizens cannot get to the airport. That doesn’t really square with the images we’re seeing around the airport, with the reporting on the ground from our colleagues who are describing chaos and violence.”

“Are you saying unequivocally that any American who wants to get to the airport is getting there and getting past the security barrier and to the planes where they want to go?” Detrow asked.

“I though the question was — how can they get through to the airport outside the airport?” Biden replied, obviously a reference to questions that were pre-screened by the White House.






CNN reported this before the conference:

The Stephanopoulos interview was only the 9th one Biden has done with a media organization since being sworn in as president seven months ago, according to statistics kept by longtime CBS Radio reporter Mark Knoller.

Which, again according to Knoller, is far — FAR — behind the pace that Biden’s two predecessors gave interviews in their first term. Barack Obama had given 133 interviews by this point in his first term while Donald Trump had done 50.

Which is pretty shocking — especially when you consider that Biden’s first seven months have been hugely momentous — from the trillions in additional government spending passed through Congress to deal with the coronavirus to the national vaccine rollout to, of late, the disaster (and humanitarian crisis) in Afghanistan. 


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