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Katt Kerr’s Update on Current Events! HOLD FIRM!


Hi folks,

Noah here and I want to give you an important update.

Please read.

We are facing EXTREME censorship, unlike anything I have seen since I started this website in 2015.

Worse than in 2016…

Worse than the election in 2020…

They are trying to attack me on all fronts and shut me down.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who continues to support us.

We are going to keep fighting and I hope to bring you my Newsletter again very soon.

In the meantime, the best place to find me is Telegram.

Telegram is still free from censorship and you can always find me there!

If you’re not on there yet, it’s really easy, just follow these two steps….

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So if you ever lose me on email or need to get a message directly to me, that’s my #1 spot right now.

And it’s where I will announce my new Newsletter sign up when I have it, so you need to be on there please!

Ok, now on with the article.

Kat Kerr was on Elijah Steams this week and of course she was asked if she had any update on current political events in the United States.

Spoiler alert: she is NOT backing down!

I love what they are doing over at Elijah Clips, great work team!

Get ready to celebrate soon my friends….it may feel like it’s been a long time but in the grand scheme of things this is not long at all.

Here is her full update which was so encouraging to me:

And if you want even more, here is the FULL INTERVIEW from that clip.

Watch it here:


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