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President Trump to Hannity: “I’m actually not allowed to answer that question…”


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Ok, now on with the article.

President Trump went on Hannity last night and it was the most fired up I’ve seen him in a long time.

He looked Presidential….

He looked PISSED….

And he looked to me like he was ready to reclaim the Presidency.

Hannity even asked him about it at one point asking if he would be running again and President Trump had a really interesting response: “I’m not allowed to talk about that”.


Watch it here on Rumble:

The Indy100 had more details (although far-left bias skewed):

Donald Trump has claimed that he is “not allowed” to say whether he is running for president in 2024 because of campaign finance laws.

In the closing moments of an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News which aired on Tuesday evening, the former president was asked if he will be attempting to become president again in three years.

In response, he said: “So because the campaign finance laws are extremely complicated and unbelievably stupid, I’m actually not allowed to answer that question, can you believe that? I’d love to answer it.

“Let me put it this way; I think you’ll be happy and I think that a lot of our friends will be happy but I’m not actually allowed to answer it. Makes it very difficult if I do.”

It is unclear why Trump claimed that he cannot say if he running for president again but he continues to receive donations to PACs that are meant to be only spent on campaign efforts.

Trump has not said publicly if he will attempt to win the 2024 US election but his former press secretary Sean Spicer told the Washington Examiner earlier this month that he believes Trump will run again, as a reaction to Joe Biden’s handling of several key issues such as immigration.

The majority of Trump’s interview with Hannity focused on Biden and the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of American troops.

He claimed Biden isn’t “calling the shots” and added: “What you need more than anything is a president that is respected, and you need a president that got rid of ISIS and got 100 per cent got rid of ISIS.”

Here are more clips from the interview with Hannity (ignore the biased captions):

And here is the FULL interview:

Another one:


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