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WATCH: Pentagon Has No Answer on How They Will Keep Weapons Out of Taliban Hands


The Afghanistan withdrawal has been a disgrace.

When the Biden Administration decided to abandon the Bagram Air Base in the dead of night weeks ago, it made the current events inevitable.

The Biden Administration made the most idiotic blunder of any U.S. president in my lifetime.

In their attempt to score political points, Biden left thousands of U.S. citizens and allies stranded with the Taliban quickly converging on Kabul.

And Biden had the nerve to lie about the impending danger to the American people.

The footage from Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport is disturbing, heart-breaking, and an eerie reminder of Saigon.

However, the worst isn’t over.

Thousands of Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan.

If captured, they’re at the mercy of the Taliban.

It’s an embarrassment, and the Biden Administration and military leadership should be ashamed for abandoning civilians.

In addition to stranded civilians and allies, the U.S. military has no plan to keep weapons, artillery, and vehicles out of the Taliban’s hands.

There’s no telling how this will benefit them or any regime that become their allies.

When asked about their plan of action, the Pentagon couldn’t give an answer.

Watch below:

Expect to see more footage in the coming weeks of Taliban troops using U.S. military equipment.

Footage like this:

Newsmax reported:

The Pentagon refused to answer a question Monday on whether it is acting to prevent the Taliban from obtaining U.S. technology, weaponry, vehicles, aircraft and other war equipment in Afghanistan.

A top military official says he does not “have information” about such an effort.

During a Monday press briefing, after being asked if the U.S. was “taking any sort of steps to prevent aircraft or other military equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban,” Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor, Deputy Joint Staff of Regional Operations, repeatedly evaded the question, saying, “I don’t have information” about such steps.

The reporter then asked, “so no U.S. action is being taken to prevent equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban, by destroying it or anything else?” to which Taylor responded, “I don’t have the answer to that question.”

From the New York Post:

Since the Taliban began its final sweep across Afghanistan, it has released propaganda videos of its fighters celebrating the seizure of American-supplied Humvees, tanks and assault weapons from Afghan security forces.

Last month, for example, a Taliban commander told Sky News that his men had captured a cache of supplies, including 70 sniper rifles, 900 guns, 30 Humvees, 20 pickup trucks and 15 armored vehicles. The same report described the militants taking possession of a shipping container full of satellite phones, grenades and mortars, with many bearing labels saying: “Property of the USA Government.”

Over the weekend, the Taliban released footage showing off captured US-made Afghan military helicopters at the airport in Kandahar.

Though the Taliban are not known to possess the pilots or technical personnel needed to fly sophisticated aircraft, the images represented additional embarrassment for the US and its NATO allies.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported, citing a US defense official, that the Taliban had accumulated an “enormous” amount of Washington-supplied equipment meant for the Afghan armies, which largely melted away before the Islamist advance.

The Afghanistan force-building exercise was so completely dependent on American largesse that the Pentagon even paid the Afghan troops’ salaries. Too often that money, and untold amounts of fuel, were siphoned off by corrupt officers and government overseers who cooked the books, creating “ghost soldiers” to keep the misspent dollars coming.


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