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Donald Trump Jr. Rips Biden’s Failure and Woke Politics with Hilarious Tweets


Twitter gets a lot of things wrong. Excommunicating President Trump from their platform was a gross overreach and abuse of power.

However, can we all take a moment to be grateful that Donald Trump Jr. Is alive and well on Twitter?

It’s been said that one of the best ways to get through painful situations is to laugh your way through. America could really use some laughs since Joe’s been in office.

The Middle East is just the latest reason Joe has given us to seek comfort through humor.

What is happening in Afghanistan is a huge tragedy and black eye to the nation that has been seen as the moral compass of the world.

No one is arguing that we should have been out of Afghanistan long ago, however the way we are leaving looks like something out of Game of Thrones, not a modern, civilized democracy.

The plan was bad. Joe essentially signaled for America to retreat and abandon the area without having a clear evacuation plan in place.

He failed to ensure a strategy that got Americans to safety while also providing a pathway to safety for local allies and their families. None of that happened.

With tens and thousands of troops and allies on the ground. He planned for just 5,000 people to be flown out each day. All while the Taliban had already encircled the airport with our own military vehicles and supplies.

The Daily Mail explained it perfectly.

US defense officials in charge of evacuating Americans from Kabul claimed on Tuesday morning they would fly 5,000 a day out despite only managing to rescue 1,400 in the three days since the city fell, while as many as 40,000 U.S. citizens may remain stranded – some in remote parts of the country.

The Taliban has encircled the Kabul airport and controls all access points, many of them armed with weapons and Humvees paid for by the U.S. but abandoned by the capitulating Afghan army.

Donald Jr. To the rescue. He’s been offering his own commentary to the unfolding events in the Middle East. Using humor, Donald has been highlighting how Joe and Joe alone is responsible for what is happening in Afghanistan.

He just dropped this piece of gold on Twitter a few hours ago.

It would be more funny if it wasn’t true. The reality is that Joe has prioritized woke agendas and political appointments over surrounding himself with competent people that can actually do the job.

His team is like a trail mix of ineptitude and incompetence.

It’s important not to get it twisted though. This is still Joe’s fault. Reports have surfaced that his plan totally ignored council and information he was getting from America’s intelligence community.

Not smart Joe. Still, with the world burning down around him, Joe still thinks the most important order of business is forced vaccinations. Cue Don Jr’s brilliant tweet now.

Yeah, I think I’ll pass on Joe’s expertise and guidance when it comes to worldwide infectious diseases.  Hard pass.

Twitter users have chimed in with their own hilarious commentaries to Donald Jr.’s



Of course there were liberals that lashed out at Donald Jr. Claiming that his tweets have been in poor taste, considering the lives at risk in Afghanistan.

It’s interesting that Liberals are having a hard time with Jr.’s statements while at the same time, their own precious Joe declared he couldn’t care less about the Afghan people as early as 2010.

In fact here’s his quote from way back then when asked about what would happen to the Afghan people once America left.

‘F*** that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.’

Classy Joe, purely presidential.

It seems the Left is hurt because Donald Jr. Has been so effective in bringing their failures to the forefront of the America consciousness.

Really looking forward to more tweets coming from the President’s offspring.

One more tweet for the road. It’s powerful cause it’s also true.


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