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Space Force Engineer Says Bitcoin Is KEY To U.S. National Security


The future is here…

Blockchain money, a national space force, and the stunning admission that UFO’s are in fact real, are just some of the developments over the last several years which showcase a rapidly changing world.

Jason Lowery who is an engineer in Space Force tells us that he believes Bitcoin is going to be key for our national security, and goes so far to say that it is a deterrent against war.

This is the most interesting argument I have heard for moving in the direction of cryptocurrencies and ditching an over-printed and debased U.S. Dollar.

Let’s take a look at what Lowery had to say:


Lowery’s position is explained in this article on Trust Nodes:

The reward for militaries that succeed in probabilistically triggering capitulation, is that participating nodes (countries) will grant consensus to the military host’s claim over what the legitimate state of property is. Thus, the history of warfare (and its corresponding chain of custody) is literally just a PoW-backed blockchain. Ever noticed how the reserve currency (i.e. the globally-legitimized state of property) belongs to the country with the most powerful military? That isn’t a coincidence. Society instinctively values PoW as the “fair” consensus mechanism.

Because of their functional identity, militaries are as essential to our current system as miners are to Bitcoin… If we don’t support our country’s military counterforce posture, then another country’s military will earn their host the right to declare the legitimate state of Property… ask yourself how happy you would be with Russia or China’s interpretation of what the legitimate state of Liberty/Property is?

A main argument in this thesis would be: because bitcoin miners are functionally identical to the role of militaries, then bitcoin adoption implicitly represents the adoption of a surrogate to war with respect to achieving global consensus on the current state and chain of custody of Liberty/Property.

Said another way, bitcoin adoption represents the opportunity to partition our current state of property (i.e. our existing economy) onto a “new” blockchain that would hot-swap our current PoW-backed social consensus protocol (war) for bitcoin PoW as a surrogate consensus protocol, and dramatically reduce the functional utility of militaries/war/violence. This makes global bitcoin adoption a potentially highly disruptive and powerful technology of US strategic deterrence…

No need for kinetic warfare when we finally have a perfect 1-for-1 functional surrogate to war where nation states can hash it out (pun intended). Bitcoin is digital violence. It obsoletes messy, analog physical violence and is the ultimate “peacekeeper” missile.


Coin Desk indicates that Space Force is using blockchain tech in other interesting ways:

The service branch protecting U.S. interests outside the stratosphere may use blockchain to render its computer systems, on earth and in space, unhackable.

Last week, Xage Security won a contract from the United States Space Force (USSF) to develop and roll out a blockchain-based data protection system across its networks.

Called the Xage Security Fabric, the blockchain verifies data and protects the network from third party intervention, so confidential data sent from satellites to earth isn’t intercepted en-route.

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