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Looks Like Global Warming May NOT Be Caused By Co2 After All


Liberals everywhere will probably melt down after seeing this…..

A new study has found that The U.N. has been picking and choosing what it wants to push on people as climate ‘science’, now this isn’t news to us, but the actual cause of the climate change is something completely different.

The culprit? Our star.

The sun may be responsible for rising temperatures and sea levels across the globe.

What I find absolutely sad is just how obvious this new theory is.

It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that changes to a planet’s star will result in temperature, climate, and atmospheric changes to said planet.

This isn’t rocket science. Now I’m not saying that this is definitely what is going on, but I’m not selling you some tall tale here.

Solar caused climate change is a completely rational thing to check out; especially, before we start to impose crippling regulations on business and industry to try and combat a C02 problem, which may not be a problem at all.

Check it out:

The study was dissected by The Epoch Times:

“It is no wonder that the draft SPM report has sold everyone yet another blatant untruth, that it is all about the CO2 that has driven all the temperature change on Earth, while they continue to hide the fact that our new and comprehensive research paper concludes that all these conclusions are not only premature but factually misleading and confusing,” he said.

“Our scientific review shows that the changes in the Sun’s irradiance are a plausible and important factor that can explain most of the observed changes in the thermometer data,” added Soon. “So now why is IPCC still playing this childish hide-and-seek game while thinking that we can all be permanently hoodwinked by their one-trick agenda?”

Soon said he hopes the systematic review of the relationship between the sun and the climate can help the scientific community return to a “more realistic approach” to understanding changes in the planet’s climate systems.

“It is time for this abuse of science by the IPCC to be stopped,” he concluded.

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A previous article on U.S. News highlights one scientist who changed his mind on the climate change narrative:

Much of the global warming debate has focused on reducing CO2 emissions because it is thought that the greenhouse gas produced mostly from fossil fuels is warming the planet.

But Steward, who once believed CO2 caused global warming, is trying to fight that with a mountain of studies and scientific evidence that suggest CO2 is not the cause for warming. What’s more, he says CO2 levels are so low that more, not less, is needed to sustain and expand plant growth.

Trying to debunk theories that higher CO2 levels cause warming, he cites studies that show CO2 levels following temperature spikes, prompting him to back other scientists who say that global warming is caused by solar activity.


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