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WATCH, BIDEN IN JULY OF 2021: “Taliban HIGHLY Unlikely To take Over”


This is just stunning……

If ever there were something to make you lose faith in the decisions of government it’s the disgraceful botching of a military pullout, and the direct fallout of the Taliban resuming control.

These people blatantly lied to us for 20 years straight.

Bush, Biden, Obama, U.S military officials—everyone. The whole apparatus of the state was lying to us day in and day out for roughly two decades.

Just last month Biden went on record saying this:

Even the MSM is shocked by Biden’s reckless pullout in Afghanistan as pointed out by Breitbart: 

Tapper said, “Weeks before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the deadline of President Biden’s complete withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban having seized much of that country they’re now at the gates of the capital city of Kabul.

Their representatives are meeting with leadership inside the Afghan presidential palace. The rapid crumbling of the country has caught the Biden White House flat-footed.

On Saturday, after pulling out almost all of the 2500 service members there when he took office, President Biden said he would deploy more than more U.S. troops, 5,000 now total for the limited mission of getting Americans and others fleeing safely out of Kabul.

The latest developments on the ground in Afghanistan came via NPR:

Many Afghans waited in long lines at banks to withdraw money, concerned about what might happen to their savings under a new regime.

One resident, who NPR is not identifying to protect from possible reprisals, described chaos in the capital.

“Right now, the thieves, robbers, all the looters are out and trying to loot cars — whichever are traveling right now,” the woman said. “[There are] gunshots everywhere.”

She added: “In [our neighborhood] we have this guard with a gun and he also just shot at someone because people are trying to loot houses and whomever is passing by the road.”

Still others in the capital appeared to welcome their new rulers.

Matthieu Aikins, a freelance journalist in Kabul, tweeted late Sunday that he’d just returned from the western part of the capital, “where this evening there were extraordinary scenes of Taliban fighters leaving the capital in captured Humvees and police trucks, brandishing M16s, cheered on by crowds of bystanders, chased by packs of children.”


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