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New Prophetic Word from Charlie Shamp: “A Great Turnaround is Coming!”


Charlie Shamp posted a brand new prophetic word today about America and about President Trump and I thought it was incredible.

And if you don’t know who Charlie is or what his history is, please scroll down because he is very accurate.

First up though, his newest prophetic word.

It’s short but very powerful and he doesn’t mince words….

He says in no uncertain terms that there is coming a Great Turnaround and that they next reset and lockdown they are looking to roll out will NOT happen.

From his website Destiny Encounters, here is exactly what he posted:

Last night I had a very vivid dream where I met President Trump. I was standing beside a set of steps leading to a stage in a large indoor stadium. I was accompanied by a man that I have never met in the natural. President Trump walked over to me and he reached out his hand to greet me as if he already knew who I was. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I then began to prophesy some very personal things to him concerning his future. I opened my eyes and pointed at him and said, “Don’t lose hope! The Lord is bringing a great turnaround for America.” He thanked me and turned to take the stage. I awoke and heard the Lord say, “Watch as they look to bring another lockdown to finish the reset, but I will bring a shutdown of this current government. It will be a sign that I am reordering this nation for a great turnaround.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp

If you want to know more about his track record, I want to spotlight a few things and bring you up to speed because it’s pretty incredible.

Long before I covered prophetic voices like Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock on this channel, there was one guy we featured named Charlie Shamp.

Charlie Shamp has a holy boldness that is rare even among the prophetic voices.

I first covered him back in 2019 when he said Kamala Harris would rise to power.

Now you might be thinking big deal, but you have to understand back when he said it almost no one even knew who that was!

It was before the selection for Vice President had even started and Kamala Harris was NOT among the names that were commonly tossed.

So when Charlie Shamp said she would suddenly rise to power, we documented it here on WeLoveTrump and many of you thought he was crazy.

Of course the rest is history.

Read more about that prophecy here:

Is Charlie Shamp’s 2019 Prophecy About Kamala Harris About To Come To Pass?

Shamp has been fairly quiet in the past few months, but he just released a video today making VERY clear where he stands right now on the national political front.

In short?

He stands shoulder-to-shoulder with prophets like Kunneman, Kerr, Bullock and all the others who are NOT backing down, not even one inch.

Here is just part of what he said from my notes of the video:

A crippling and confusion in this Administration…

My hand is upon this Nation…

Whistleblowers will uncover hidden darkness in this hour….

In this hour I will release a Trump sound, with evidence that will be so overwhelming it will be undeniable

The video is only about 10 minutes and I highly recommend you watch it.


You are probably going to want to bookmark this article because I have a feeling we’ll be coming back to visit it very soon.

Just like happened with Kamala.

You ready?

Me too.


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