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Trust the Science? Pfizer & Moderna Intentionally Lost Control Group From Vaccine Safety Trial


While many experimental COVID-19 vaccine recipients don’t want to hear this, they’re the test subjects of the real safety trial.

Because the initial study to test vaccine safety and efficacy is forever tainted due to breaking scientific protocol.

Trust the science.

Trust the science.

Trust the science.

That’s what the medical overlords and mainstream media have screamed at us for months.

However, the general public should tell that to the corrupt Big Pharma companies.

They’re the ones who fail to follow the science.

When conducting an experiment, we learn in elementary school to use a test group and control group.

The test group receives the object we’re investigating in the experiment.

And the control group receives a placebo.

Then, we compare the test and control groups to study safety, efficacy, and benefits of the object in question.

According to NPR, the doctors conducting the study lost the control group.

That mistake seems too egregious to be a simple accident.

It appears intentional.

Upon the experimental jabs receiving Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA, the control group (participants given a placebo) was administered the vaccines.

Now, any data to compare vaxxed vs unvaxxed is lost forever.

This blatant violation of scientific protocol shows how you can’t “trust the science.”

It’s all about dollar signs.

Here’s the latest:

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccine tests were conducted, as customary, with a control group; a group within the trial who were given a placebo and not the test vaccine.  However, during the trial -and after the untested vaccines were given emergency use authorization- the vaccine companies conducting the trial decided to break protocol and notify the control group they were not vaccinated.  Almost all the control group were then given the vaccine.

Purposefully dissolving the placebo group violates the scientific purpose to test whether the vaccine has any efficacy; any actual benefit and/or safety issues.  Without a control group there is nothing to compare the vaccinated group against.  According to NPR, the doctors lost the control group in the Johnson County Clinicial Trial (Lexena, Kansas) on purpose:

“Dr. Carlos Fierro, who runs the study there, says every participant was called back after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the vaccine.

“During that visit we discussed the options, which included staying in the study without the vaccine,” he says, “and amazingly there were people — a couple of people — who chose that.”

He suspects those individuals got spooked by rumors about the vaccine. But everybody else who had the placebo shot went ahead and got the actual vaccine. So now Fierro has essentially no comparison group left for the ongoing study.  “It’s a loss from a scientific standpoint, but given the circumstances I think it’s the right thing to do,” he says.

People signing up for these studies were not promised special treatment, but once the FDA authorized the vaccines, their developers decided to offer the shots. (read more)

Just so we are clear, the final FDA authorization and approval for the vaccines are based on the outcome of these trials.  As noted in the example above, the control group was intentionally lost under the auspices of  “the right thing to do”, so there is no way for the efficacy, effectiveness or safety of the vaccine itself to be measured.

There’s no one left within the control group, of a statistically valid value, to give an adequate comparison of outcomes for vaxxed -vs- non-vaxxed.

Another maddening detail is that the NPR article referenced above is from February 2021.

If mainstream media cared about vaccine safety and efficacy, they would have blasted this article all over the news for weeks.

However, they buried it and blindly screamed to follow the science.

What are Pfizer and Moderna trying to hide from the public with these experimental vaccines?


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