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BREAKING: 3,000 US Troops Deployed to Evacuate Embassy; Taliban Overtakes Afghanistan’s 3rd Largest City; Biden’s Disaster


The Middle East is on fire. Literally.

No, we’re not talking about global warming.

Unfortunately, we’re talking about the drastic resurgence of both the Taliban and Al Qaeda.


Well… It can all be attributed to Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy.

Remember, there were no major incidents in the Middle East for four years while President Trump was in the White House.

The Democrat party and their allies in the media kept trying to scare us into thinking that President Trump was going to start a war or weaken America.

But it never happened.


Just 7 months after being placed into the White House, Joe Biden’s Middle East policy is proving to be disastrous.

How bad?

A total of 3,000 troops were just deployed to evacuate the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan.

Remember how Joe Biden told us his foreign policy would make us safer?

Well, we can see that it isn’t.

A U.S. embassy was NEVER evacuated under President Trump.


Because President Trump embodied strength.

Trump provided peace through strength!

CNBC confirms the deployment of 3,000 troops to evacuate the U.S. embassy:

The U.S. is deploying 3,000 troops to Afghanistan in order to facilitate the drawdown of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul to a “core diplomatic presence,” as Taliban militants rapidly advance toward the Afghan capital.

The troops, which will consist of three infantry battalions total from the Marines and Army, will deploy to Hamid Karzai International Airport within 24 to 48 hours, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

“This is a very narrowly focused mission of safeguarding the orderly reduction of civilian personnel out of Afghanistan,” Kirby told reporters during a press briefing Thursday.

The decision to deploy additional U.S. troops comes as the Taliban offensive makes rapid advances.

The militants captured the strategic city of Ghazni on Thursday, bringing their front line within 95 miles of Kabul, a staggering development that comes nearly two weeks before U.S. and NATO coalition forces exit.

The Taliban also claims to have captured Afghanistan’s third-largest city, Herat, in the northwest close to Iran. Fierce fighting has also been reported in Kandahar, the nation’s second-largest city.

When asked if the troops going to Kabul had a combat mission, Kirby said U.S. forces maintain the right to self defense, but the mission is temporary with a focus on protecting the movement of civilian personnel. Kirby told reporters that the U.S. is still on track to complete its withdrawal by August 31.

However, a U.S. infantry brigade will be positioned in Kuwait in the event they are needed in Afghanistan to help secure Hamid Karzai International Airport, according to Kirby.

A joint unit from the Army and Air Force, consisting of 1,000 personnel, will deploy to Qatar to help process visas for Afghans who helped the U.S., Kirby said.

As the Taliban nears Kabul, there is growing concern about the safety of U.S. civilian personnel in the capital. The State Department on Thursday said it was cutting staff due to the deteriorating security situation in the country.

“In light of the evolving security situation, we expect to draw down to a core diplomatic presence in Afghanistan,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Thursday.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani earlier Thursday to coordinate planning, according Price.

This could have dire long term consequences for the United States.

Under President Trump, terrorist groups were kept at bay.

You never heard about ISIS, the Taliban, or Al Qaeda.


Because President Trump supported the military and gave them the resources to defeat our enemies!

Meanwhile, under Joe Biden, the enemy is advancing rapidly.

As if this isn’t bad enough, it’s been confirmed that the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan’s third largest city.

This means that radical Islamic terrorists are re-surging all over the Middle East.

The Associated Press confirms:

The Taliban captured Afghanistan’s third-largest city and a strategic provincial capital near Kabul on Thursday, further squeezing the country’s embattled government just weeks before the end of the American military mission there.

The seizure of Herat marks the biggest prize yet for the Taliban, who have taken 11 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals as part of a weeklong blitz. Taliban fighters rushed past the Great Mosque in the historic city — which dates to 500 BC and was once a spoil of Alexander the Great — and seized government buildings. Witnesses described hearing sporadic gunfire at one government building while the rest of the city fell silent under the insurgents’ control.

The capture of Ghazni, meanwhile, cuts off a crucial highway linking the Afghan capital with the country’s southern provinces, which similarly find themselves under assault as part of an insurgent push some 20 years after U.S. and NATO troops invaded and ousted the Taliban government.

While Kabul itself isn’t directly under threat yet, the losses and the battles elsewhere further tighten the grip of a resurgent Taliban, who are estimated to now hold over two-thirds of the country and are continuing to pressure government forces in several other provincial capitals.

Thousands of people have fled their homes amid fears the Taliban will again impose a brutal, repressive government, all but eliminating women’s rights and conducting public amputations, stonings and executions. Peace talks in Qatar remain stalled, though diplomats met throughout the day.

The latest U.S. military intelligence assessment suggests Kabul could come under insurgent pressure within 30 days and that, if current trends hold, the Taliban could gain full control of the country within a few months. The Afghan government may eventually be forced to pull back to defend the capital and just a few other cities in the coming days if the Taliban keep up their momentum.

The onslaught represents a stunning collapse of Afghan forces and renews questions about where the over $830 billion spent by the U.S. Defense Department on fighting, training those troops, and reconstruction efforts went — especially as Taliban fighters ride on American-made Humvees and pickup trucks with M-16s slung across their shoulders.

Afghan security forces and the government have not responded to repeated questions from journalists over the days of fighting, instead issuing video communiques that downplay the Taliban advance.


The President is the Commander in Chief.

This means that any military or national security failure can be blamed directly on the president.

We all know that if this were happening under President Trump, the media would be using it to destroy his reputation.

So why aren’t they covering it now that Biden is in place in the White House?

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