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TIME TO BOYCOTT? Taboola and Outbrain Do Not Want YOUR Business!


The culture civil war in America continues!

Over 6 million people per month read WeLoveTrump and trust us to deliver the news the MSM will never show you.

We do actual research and publish our own actual journalism….what a novel concept!

Because we do our own investigations and we don’t take the morning “Talking Points” memo like all the MSM does, we bring you real, accurate, researched news that is being censored everywhere else.

But some people don’t like that.

Google has done everything they can to ban us and wipe us from the internet.

And now I’ve investigated two of their competitors to see if we could send business to someone competing with Google.

Guess what I heard back?

In both cases they say that WeLoveTrump does “not align with their publishing policy”.


How interesting!

So I wanted to share that with YOU!

Because that’s really not an attack on me, that’s an attack on you….on the 6 million people (and growing!) who read WeLoveTrump each month and trust us to bring the news that no other “news outlet” (and yes, I put that in quotes) will bring them.

If you’ve read Orwell’s 1984, we are one of the last companies out there not beholden to “Newspeak”…..and the powers-that-should-not-be REALLY do not like it!

That’s ok, it just tells me we are doing a great job and hitting our mark.

But what I want YOU to know, and what I want every conservative publisher out there to know is that Taboola and Outbrain do NOT want your business.

And that’s not just my interpretation, I have copied their replies to me verbatim below to make sure you can read and judge for yourself.

Now here’s what’s funny to me…..

These companies haven’t yet figured out a few things.

First, they haven’t figured out there are WAY more of us in the USA than there are the Looney Left, and Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is exposing those facts right now.

In fact, when the dust settles, we’re going to find out the USA isn’t split 50/50 like the MSM wants you to believe.

No, it’s much more like 70/30 or even 80/20.

Trust me, it’s all coming out.

So these companies can choose to align with the 20% if they want — it’s their choice!  I just don’t think it’s a wise one.

They are also soon to learn that not only are there more us than there are of the Looney Left, but they’re also going to find out that conservatives have all the money.

The Looney Left is broke as hell.

Conservatives have all the money and buy all the stuff in America.

The Left can barely cover their rent payment each money with their government check….you think they’re buying anything else?

No — they’re broke!

So enjoy that business model where you alienate 80% of America and side with the 20% that doesn’t have two nickels to rub together!

The Conservatives have all the cash, meanwhile the Looney Left doesn’t even know what gender they are.

I know where I stand.

And now we know where Taboola and Outbrain stand…..take a look for yourself below.

Here is Taboola:

And here is Outbrain:

Almost feels like they’re all getting their “publisher policies” from the same source, doesn’t it?

Almost feels anti-competitive, doesn’t it?

Almost feels like coordinated, illegal, unconstitutional, anti-trust behavior to squeeze out any “conservative voice” from the marketplace, doesn’t it?

Almost feels…..very wrong and very illegal?

But that’s just my opinion.

I’m just curious what you think…

Do you think our content is good and reliable?

Do you think we’re better than MSDNC and even Fox News?

Sound off below in the comments and let these two piece-o-shito companies know what you think of them and their “policies”…..


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