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WATCH: Doctor Presents the REAL COVID-19 Science to School Board in Epic Speech, Exposes the CDC & NIH


Now, I’m no doctor.

But Dan Stock of McCordsville, Indiana is a doctor.

Dr. Stock spoke at a Mount Vernon school board meeting to present facts about COVID-19, masks, and the experimental jabs that the anti-science CDC & NIH continue to ignore.

The amount of truth bombs in Dr. Stock’s speech is unreal.

Check it out:

Here’s a backup on Rumble whenever Big Tech decides to censor the truth:

Infowars reported:

Dr. Dan Stock of McCordsville, Indiana recently appeared at a Mount Vernon school board meeting to educate members on the science behind Covid-19, vaccines and masks.

Dr. Stock, a family physician, provided a flash drive with documents to back up the information he presented, such as a study showing Covid particles are so small that face masks do not offer protection against the virus.

In fact, three studies proving the aerosol particles are too small for a mask to block them were funded by Fauci’s NIH.

“The CDC and NIH have chosen to ignore the very science that they paid to have done,” Dr. Stock said.

The doctor also told the board members that Covid will be a seasonal virus like the flu, common cold, or any other illnesses with animal reservoirs.

Dr. Stock warned of antibody-mediated viral enhancement occurring in humans as it did in every coronavirus study done in animals.

Essentially, the vaccines could cause the immune system to “fight the virus wrong” and allow the virus to become even stronger.

“That is why you’re seeing an outbreak right now,” Dr. Stock explained before noting ongoing Covid outbreaks taking place among the vaccinated.

“Therefore, there is no reason for treating any person vaccinated any differently than any person unvaccinated,” he stated.

Having personally treated more than 15 Covid patients, Dr. Stock claimed he kept all of them out of the hospital by prescribing ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc.

The medical establishment attacked these treatments in order to ensure nothing blocked the experimental vaccines from receiving emergency approval.


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