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Reports from Israel & Australia Claim 95-99% of Hospitalized COVID-19 Cases Are Fully Vaccinated


This is a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

That’s the mantra mainstream media and politicians keep repeating to the masses.

However, it’s another egregious lie to divide the public by vaccinated and unvaccinated.

COVID-19 cases are rising across the United States and the elites want to scapegoat and place the blame on unvaccinated individuals.

While many will easily fall for the propaganda, critical thinkers know that’s not the case.

Countries with the highest vaccination rates around the world are seeing more and more serious COVID-19 cases in those vaccinated.

The CDC and Fraudci admit that vaccinated individuals can just as easily catch and transmit COVID-19.

So, can we ask those vaccinated to stop spreading the virus?

Here’s the latest:

From NTD:

Talking with Channel 13 TV News on August 5, Dr. Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem said that “85 to 90 percent of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people,” and “95 percent of the severe patients are vaccinated.” Herzog Hospital specializes in nursing care for the elderly.

Haviv said the rising cases of vaccinated people getting COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus is because “the effectiveness of the vaccine is waning.”

Data from the Israeli Minister of Health in July suggested that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in preventing infection and symptomatic illness had dropped from 90 percent to only 39 percent and 41 percent, respectively. However, the levels of protection against severe illness (88 percent) and hospitalization (91.4 percent) remained high.

The Pfizer vaccine has been the only COVID-19 vaccine available for Israelis since it was authorized for use in December 2020. However, the government announced last month that the Moderna vaccine would be offered in August to certain people while the Pfizer vaccine would be reserved for those under 18 years.

From Australia:

But this trend isn’t exclusive to Israel and Australia.

Other highly vaccinated countries are witnessing a rise in COVID-19 cases for vaccinated individuals.

From Infowars:

In the US, there’s been over 4,100 so-called “breakthrough cases” in fully vaccinated people as of last month – with the pro-vaccine narrative shifting to claim the illnesses aren’t as severe as those of unvaccinated people.

As more and more vaccinated people become sick with the very illness they’re supposed to be protected against, will the vaccine manufacturers ever be held responsible for spreading disease?

While the CDC openly admits the experimental jabs DO NOT prevent transmission of the virus, their playbook is to convince people they won’t get severely ill.

But more and more data is proving that to be untrue.

Yet, places like NYC are pushing for COVID-19 Vaccine Passports to gain entry into indoor venues.

A dictatorship disguised as “public health.”


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