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WATCH: Mike Lindell Offers CNN Reporter A Hug


Mike Lindell seems like one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet.

Despite continued attacks on him by the liberal mainstream media, Mike Lindell has been nothing but civil, and in many cases warm and kind.

CNN’s latest hit piece, aimed at discrediting Mike Lindell is more of what you would expect, but I love how he carries himself through these interviews.

Seems to me like they’re starving for ratings and need anything to hit at, and Mike Lindell is doing a pretty good job of staying in the game despite their blows:

Daily Mail had more details:

He claims he has proof from multiple ‘super secret’ sources and is offering anyone who could prove him wrong $5 million at his Cyber Symposium later this month.

As Griffin continues to question Lindell on his claims, he responds: ‘Well then, why don’t you come to the symposium and make $5 million.

‘Are you worried about me?’ he asks Griffin. ‘We should give a hug. You’re worried about old Mike? Oh God bless you.’

Completely stone faced, Griffin replies: ‘Here’s what we’re worried about. We’re worried that what you are doing is mistakenly or deliberately destroying the confidence in the legitimately elected president of the United States and fostering what could be -‘

At that point, Lindell cuts him off, claiming he ‘never said anything bad about Biden or Democrats, ever – never, wrong, you’re lying.

‘I’m saying that China did an attack on our election.’

But when Griffin asks him: ‘If you’re wrong, isn’t that very dangerous,’ Lindell replies, ‘Yes, but I’m not wrong. I’ve checked it out, I spent millions.

CNN claims that it had Mike Lindell’s claims vetted by 9 cyber security experts:

Election officials at more than a dozen counties that Lindell has claimed were hacking targets told CNN that the pillow magnate’s claims are utterly meritless. They noted that their voting machines are not connected to the internet, that the results are confirmed by paper ballots, and in some cases that official audits, recounts, or reviews have verified their vote tallies.

In addition, CNN interviewed nine cybersecurity experts, all of whom said the “proof” Lindell has released so far is nonsense – and that there is zero evidence of any kind of successful hacking of last year’s election results.

But many Americans are buying into baseless claims of vote fraud: polls have found that roughly two-thirds of Republicans believe President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected.


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