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BREAKING: January 6th Prisoner Shares Shocking Details With Jerrod Sessler About Life Inside DC Jail


For months we have been waiting for news about the January 6th prisoners still inside a DC jail for minor charges.

Today, you’re going to be one of the first people to hear what it’s like inside that jail from someone who just got released yesterday.

Congressional candidate Jerrod Sessler and his teenage son were shooting a video highlighting the plight of the inmates inside the jail yesterday, when Karl Dresch, a prisoner since the January 6th riots was released. Seeing Mr. Sessler passionately defending the rights of the Americans inside the jail, Dresch walked up to Sessler and agreed to tell his story for the first time.

Here is the video:

Some of this narrative is astounding.

For instance, according to Dresch, he was not allowed to get a shave or a haircut unless he took the vaccine. In other words, if he didn’t submit to unknown chemicals being put inside his body, he was not allowed access to basic sanitary requirements.

But it doesn’t end there. Dresch says that he was kept in his cell, sometimes for 28 hours at a time. Why is the ACLU not all over this? Regardless of what his crime was, this is inhumane treatment.

And speaking of crime, you won’t believe the crime that Dresch eventually pled guilty to. With all this inhumane treatment, surely he must have done something terrible, right?  His crime was PARADING. I didn’t even know that was a crime! Literally walking up and down with a flag. How heinous!

Consider the crimes BLM and Antifa have done and then got bailed out of jail for (if they went in at all) by Kamala Harris and her friends.

Of course, the mainstream media had an entirely different story about Dresch.

According to WUSA9

Judge Amy Berman Jackson said it was clear from statements he made before and after January 6 that Karl Dresch, of Calumet, Michigan, didn’t travel to D.C. on January 6 to attend a rally – and that he wasn’t charged or jailed because of his political views.

“He is not a political prisoner,” Jackson said. “We are not here today because he supported former President Trump. He was an enthusiastic participant in an effort to subvert the electoral process.”

Dresch has been in custody since his arrest in January on multiple charges in connection with the Capitol riot, including obstruction of an official proceeding and disorderly conduct.

According to charging documents, Dresch posted multiple photos and videos of himself inside the Capitol on January 6, including one with a caption denying that “antifa” had been responsible for the breach.

So he was in jail for over 6 months, inside his cell for over 24 hours at a time, for posting pictures?

To me, Mr. Dresch seems like a harmless man who got caught up in the moment and ended up being used as a pawn by the Left, to push their radical agenda.

Even now, according to Dresch, there are about 35 inmates inside the jail awaiting sentences for crimes like his.

I’m glad that Dresch is out and wish him godspeed as he travels home to be with his family, whom he hasn’t seen since January.

I encourage you to check out Jerrod Sessler’s other video outside the jail (the one he was making when Dresch walked out) on Youtube. Watch how the jail police try to intimidate him into leaving even though he’s standing on public property.

Some days it’s hard to remember that this is still a free country.


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