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Tennessee Pastor Doubles Down: “You Will Not Wear Masks in this Church! Only Coke Snorting, Demon Possessed Leftists Believe Biden Won!”


Pastor Greg Locke is not backing down!

One of Pastor Greg Locke’s sermons went viral on social media.

This led to the mainstream media mocking and criticizing the pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee.


Despite the outrage from the left, Pastor Greg Locke doubled-down.

He told his congregation:

You will NOT wear masks in this church!

Locke posted a sign right outside the church that reads, “FAITH over FEAR.”

Locke also said that only “coke-snorting, Demon possessed leftists” believe that Biden won the election.

Once again the mainstream media is paying attention to his words.

Watch the clips that are going viral below:

Global Vision Church is now meeting in a tent.


Because the church is growing so quickly!

Though they just built a new church building, they can no longer fit inside of it.

Each week, they get a larger and larger tent as the church grows.

The Washington Post has more details:

Since the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, Greg Locke, the pastor at a Nashville-area church, has repeatedly called covid a hoax, undermined emergency mandates and refused to comply with guidance from public health officials.

This week, Locke took his defiance a step further, making a sharp warning regarding mask-wearing.

If “you start showing up [with] all these masks and all this nonsense, I will ask you to leave,” Locke, 45, told scores of Global Vision Bible Church parishioners during his sermon on Sunday. His statement was followed by cheers and applause.

“I am not playing these Democrat games up in this church,” he added.

Global Vision Bible Church did not immediately respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment.

Locke’s fiery five-minute diatribe, in which he also denied the existence of the delta variant, comes as vaccination rates in his home state slow and infection rates climb. So far, about 44 percent of Tennesseans have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to The Washington Post’s vaccine tracker, making it among the states with the lowest rate. The state recently reported that 98 percent of people who died of covid and 97 percent of covid hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated.

The vaccine rollout in Tennessee made national headlines after the controversial firing of the state’s top immunization official, Michelle Fiscus, on July 12. Fiscus’s firing was the casualty of the Tennessee Department of Health’s campaign to encourage teenagers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The effort attracted ire from Republican state lawmakers.

In an interview with WTVF on Monday, Fiscus said Tenn. Gov. Bill Lee (R) consistently resisted the state’s promotion of the vaccine.

“I feel like the [health] department was gagged,” she said.

Locke’s evangelical church in Mount Juliet, Tenn., about 20 miles east of downtown Nashville, has grown during the pandemic, CNN reported. The pastor’s controversial commentary on covid and the 2020 presidential election has attracted far-right churchgoers.

During a sermon last month, Locke called President Biden a fraud and “a sex trafficking, demon-possessed mongrel,” a reference to QAnon, an extremist ideology based on false claims.

He has also falsely claimed the pandemic is “fake,” the death count is “manipulated,” and the vaccine is a “dangerous scam.”

And the pastor has preached misinformation about the vaccine, including falsely claiming it’s made of “aborted fetal tissue.”

Whether or not you agree with Pastor Locke, you MUST remember these two facts:

1). We still have freedom of speech.

2). We still have freedom of religion.

If you don’t like what he’s saying, then don’t go to his church! No one is forcing you to listen to him!

See some of Pastor Locke’s tweets below:

The reason Pastor Locke went viral isn’t because of this week’s sermon.

It’s actually about last week’s sermon.

You see, in this week’s sermon, he simply doubled-down on what he said last week.

Last week, Locke threatened to kick anyone out of the church if they wore masks.

Newsweek confirms:

Right-wing pastor Greg Locke used his Sunday morning sermon to ridicule any attempt by the government to vaccinate Americans or to enforce a “round two” of pandemic lockdown. He also declared he’ll kick anyone out who wears a mask.

The Tennessee-based Baptist pastor offered his latest tirade against “godless Democrats” and the Biden administration, claiming the federal government only wants “compliance,” and not improved public health, among Americans. Locke praised his own “narrow-minded” viewpoint toward the COVID-19 pandemic and vowed to fight any effort to shut down his Global Vision Bible Church. Locke said the Democrats “didn’t hurt the economy bad enough” during the pandemic and are now trying to manufacture a second lockdown.

Locke warned health officials not to knock on his door and ask if he’s received a COVID-19 vaccine, saying they’ll be “serving frosties in Hell” before he’ll consider shutting down his church over recent spikes in the so-called Delta variant of the virus.

“Don’t believe this Delta variant nonsense. Stop it! Stop it! If they go through round two and you start showing up with all these masks and nonsense, I will ask you to leave,” Locke told the cheering audience. “I will ask you to leave. I am not playing these Democrat games up in this church.”

“I don’t need to be a jerk for Jesus, but…I’m not going to kowtow down to a wicked godless culture,” Locke continued, sparking raucous applause. “Here’s what the left has told us: ‘If you comply, you compromise, if you comply, eventually you’ll get in our good graces.’ But no, you’ll never be able to comply enough!”

Locke used several New Testament stories about Jesus in order to convey his overall point that today’s adults need to be willing to offend friends and family in order to uphold their values. The ardently pro-Trump pastor urged attendees to “stir the pot” when they feel too many people agree with them in Facebook posts.

The conservative pastor’s accusations against the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers have included his claims that Vice President Kamala Harris is a “jezebel demon” and that the administration is overseeing “child-trafficking tunnels” beneath Washington, D.C.

While the media will attempt to portray Locke as “crazy,” the reality is that he is very moderate compared to left wing crazies like The Squad.

What he says pales in comparison to the dangerous viewpoints of the Squad.

And guess what?

The Squad actually has power in Congress.

And that’s scarier than anything Locke can say or do from the pulpit.


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