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COVID Is Not the Leading Cause of Death For Under 50s In Washington State: Why Aren’t The Dems Interested In Fixing THIS Problem?


The Left has been screaming bloody murder about COVID for over a year now.

But in Washington State, the truth is, deaths by actual murder are higher than the deaths by COVID.


And that’s probably including the inflated the numbers method (including anyone who died while having Covid as a COVID death) that many hospitals have allegedly been using to receive more Covid funds.

According to Shift:

During 2020, and thus far in 2021, more people under the age of 50 have been murdered in Washington State than have died due to COVID-19.

While it is incredibly tragic that 304 Washington State residents under 50 have died from the coronavirus, it is alarming that recent data shows that at least 313 of the state’s under 50 population have been murdered.

While this statistic is alarming enough, the true comparative data is even worse, for while the COVID death data (from the Washington State Department of Health) is current to last Friday, the state’s murder rate is only for all of 2020 and is up to June 30th of this year. Also, not all jurisdictions had fully reported their crime figures by the time the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs released the data.

Is it any wonder we’ve seen the spike in violent crimes after state Democrat and local liberal lawmakers rushed to placate the demands of last summer’s liberal rioters, by severely restricting police actions while at the same time reducing sentencing and penalties for criminal behavior.

While Democrats continuously condemn the one day of violence by fringe supporters of Donald Trump, they have not only refused to condemn the months of political violence by their liberal supporters (remember Governor Inslee famously pretended it never happened), but they also pushed through anti-police and pro-criminal legislation at all levels of government to reward the rioters’ violence.

With the increase in crime in Washington state, you would think the Democratic state government would change tactics and give more freedom to the police to do their job.

You would think wrong.

Governor Inslee and the Democrats have been kowtowing to BLM and their “Defund the Police” movement, handcuffing the police even further with a new set of restrictions.

But the Left-leaning Seattle Times just can’t seem to figure out why the murder rate has spiked.

According to them:

One thing jumps out from our local data: The blame for the spike in homicide pretty obviously cannot be laid on the “defund the police” budget-cutting efforts that sprang up in some cities, such as Seattle. The data released this past week by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs shows that murder also soared in countless places that didn’t go down the anti-police path.

Seattle homicides increased 68% — from 31 in 2019 to 52 in 2020, a 26-year high, the data shows. But they tripled in some cities that didn’t defund police, such as Renton, Kent and Spokane. Yakima County, a politically red part of the state, saw the most murders in its history.

“I don’t have a clue,” a police detective for the Yakima County Sheriff bluntly told the Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper when asked the cause of this surge. “In so many cases, you know the who, what, where, when and how, but you never know why.”

I’m pretty sure a fifth-grader could figure out why the crime rate has spiked but apparently no one in the world of Democratic politics can understand it.

If you don’t have a clue why the crime rate in your state has spiked so much, let me clue you in on another fact.

You should not be in elected office.



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