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Newsletter: August 1, 2021


Until our email Newsletter gets back to 100%, I am printing the Newsletter here.


Hey friends,

Noah here from WeLoveTrump.  

Yes, I am back!

It’s going to take me about two weeks to scale up to full steam but I am absolutely back and going to be stronger than ever!

Here’s the short story….they tried to censor me and ban my Newsletter from the Internet, and it took us a week but we are now back!

More details to come later when I can tell you the full story.

Now let’s jump right into the news because it was a huge day!

First up is this wonderful news:

Dr. Stella Immanuel Sues CNN and Anderson Cooper For $100 MILLION!

Next up we move to the DemonRats and the latest story that they want to mandate vaccines to ALL Americans.

Guess they forgot about this:

FLASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi says “we cannot require someone to be vaccinated!”

And then we have this which is MOST interesting:

JUST IN: President Trump Has Been Holding Cabinet Meetings In New Jersey

Next up are a few prophetic messages.

The first is from a guy we haven’t covered much recently, but he’s the real deal….

Charlie Shamp:

New Prophetic Word from Charlie Shamp: “Evidence will be so overwhelming it will be undeniable”

And a brand new on from Hank Kunneman:

Hank Kunneman: The New COVID-19 Legislation Will Be Ripped In Two!

And then we had this gem today (and yes it is current):

President Trump Back Soon? “You’re going to be VERY happy!”

This next one should be front page news everywhere but of course MSM will try to bury it.

Good thing I’m back:

LOOK: Newly Uncovered Emails Reveal Wisconsin Elections Officials Bragging About The Steal

And we end with our top story.

I’m really proud of this one, I think it will wake up a lot of people:

YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED: Lab admits there is no test for COVID variants….

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

If you get this message and you’re happy to have me back, please shoot me a quick reply email.

It will help us greatly as we rebuild.


See you soon.

Your friend,


p.s. I started this Newsletter with a simple goal of getting the truth out to more people…now we have over 370,000 nightly readers!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is it now costs me over five figures to run the website and this Newsletter.

The other bad news is they are trying EVERYTHING they can to censor me.

But I fight back.

And I’m HAPPY to do it and I will ALWAYS keep the website and this Newsletter 100% free…but since many have asked how they can help I finally created a simple Paypal option where you can donate.  

Even $1/month is a huge help and I’m very grateful for all of you.


Tap here only if you want….👇

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