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Nancy Pelosi: “Massive Loss…a Humiliating Defeat!”


Bullish Noah returns!

In case you don’t know what that means, here’s the story….

Some left-wing joker put me on the Democrat email mailing list asking for donations.

They thought it would be funny…and they were right!

It’s hysterical to me!

I get their emails now and they’re always dripping with desperation and despair.

These people are serious losers!

The emails are always addressed to “Bullish Noah” which I assume is because the person didn’t know my full name so for some reason they chose “Bullish”.

I think that’s funny too.

Bullish is usually related to being strong and going up!  Sounds good to me!

Meanwhile, every single email I get from them is totally pathetic.

I guess being a pathetic loser is what appeals to their base?

Really interesting.

Take this one for example that just came in today:

From Nancy Pelosi and titled “a HUMILIATING defeat”.


These losers revel in their defeats.

Read it here:

Now I realize Nancy Pelosi herself probably didn’t write those….hell, she’s probably too drunk most of the time to type an email like that!

But she is letting them use her name and likeness to convey that message, so she must be ok with it!

Cue Ace Ventura: “laaaaaaa-huuuuuuuuu saaaaaaaaa-herrrrrrrrrr!”

And here’s another one.

What do you do after a “humiliating defeat”?  You move on to a “MASSIVE loss” of course!


Read it here:

Keep up the good work NANCY!


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