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Nazi America Vaccination Segregation is Here! Illinois District Superintendent to Issue Yellow ID Badges Based on Vaccination Status


Democrats and the mainstream media have cried every time someone makes the comparison of labeling unvaccinated people to Nazi Germany labeling Jews during the WWII era.

Well, they better get ready to cry again because it’s a fair comparison and this latest report from Illinois is a disgusting example.

Galesburg, IL School District 205 Superintendent John Asplund sent a memo to his staff about their new ID badge policy.

What was the new policy?

If you’ve had the experimental COVID-19 jabs, you can wear a yellow ID badge instead of a white ID badge.

Honestly, I thought it would be the reverse.

Upon hearing these reports, I thought it was unvaccinated individuals forced to wear yellow ID badges.

But the concept is still the same.

It segregates vaccinated vs unvaccinated to label the unvaccinated as undesirables in the school district.

Here’s a screenshot of the memo sent from Asplund:

*Source – Gateway Pundit*

Special face diaper exemptions for those who prove they’re vaccinated with their yellow ID badges.

Textbook vaccine segregation.

Although Asplund states the policy is optional now, how long before the policy becomes mandatory?

And this sort of evil Nazism against the unvaccinated was predicted months ago by some:

Gateway Pundit reported on reactions to the policy:

From a reader.

This policy is currently only limited to school staff and does not apply to students.

This is horrific and abhorrent.

No school, employer, or any other type of entity has any right to stigmatize people or make people in any way display any sort of mark or indicator that communicates their vaccination status or any other health or personal criteria that is no one else’s business to know.

This policy will prompt a lot of bullying, ostracism, and cliquish behavior.

This is eerily similar to how the Nazis made Jews wear a yellow Star of David to publicly indicate that they were Jewish.

This needs to be strongly protested and promptly stopped.

The passage in the email that states, “At this point in time, proof of vaccination does not give you any additional benefits…” is striking to me.

What is the point of getting vaccinated if you still have to wear a mask? Making vaccinated people wear a mask is stupid and senseless.

Many people who got the vaccine did so with the understanding that the vaccination would allow them to live life without being masked.

This just shows that you can’t comply or bargain your way out of tyranny. This lesson has been demonstrated throughout history.


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