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2012 Video From Mike Lindell: “I Want To Buy Cotton Fields Because China Is Buying Our Cotton Fields”


A video of Mike Lindell being interviewed by on Fox News in 2012 has resurfaced on the web.

In the video the CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell talk about how he overcame his  drug addiction and then went on to talk about how he’s gives recovering addicts’ a second chance by employing them at his company.

Lindell then continued by making quite a interesting statement and stated that “I want to start buying cotton fields, because China is buying our cotton fields”.

Lindell statement 9 years earlier was spot on!

According to the Department of Agriculture, members of the CCP currently own over 192,000 acres of U.S. farmland that is worth up to 1.9 billion dollars.

The Politico reported about the security risks that are involved with China owning large amounts of Farmland in the United States:

The push to drain China’s influence from the U.S. economy has reached America’s farm country, as congressional lawmakers from both parties are looking at measures to crack down on foreign purchases of prime agricultural real estate.

House lawmakers recently advanced legislation to that effect, warning that China’s presence in the American food system poses a national security risk. And key Senate lawmakers have already shown interest in efforts to keep American farms in American hands.

Chinese firms have expanded their presence in American agriculture over the last decade by snapping up farmland and purchasing major agribusinesses, like pork processing giant Smithfield Foods. By the start of 2020, Chinese owners controlled about 192,000 agricultural acres in the U.S., worth $1.9 billion, including land used for farming, ranching and forestry, according to the Agriculture Department.

The Communist Party has actively supported investments in foreign agriculture as part of its “One Belt One Road” economic development plans, aiming to control a greater piece of China’s food supply chain.

“The current trend in the U.S. is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly,” Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.) warned during a recent House Appropriations hearing.

The committee unexpectedly adopted Newhouse’s amendment to the Agriculture-FDA spending bill (H.R. 4356 (117)) that would block any new agricultural purchases by companies that are wholly or partly controlled by the Chinese government and bar Chinese-owned farms from tapping federal support programs.

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Under Communist rule in China all land ownership is banned, citizens can only lease land due to the fact  all land is under collective ownership or state ownership.

The CCP wants to claim up land in rural America to usher in a new age where American’s are also landless and will be left renting or leasing.

In Texas a former general for the Chinese Army bought over 130,000 acres that’s very close to an American Air Force Base.

Fox 29 News had more details to share regarding a former Chinese General buying a large amount of land in Texas:

A windmill project near Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio whose owner is a former member of the Chinese army now has raised the red flag to stop foreign adversaries from buying land near our military bases.

Fox San Antonio Yami Virgin has been investigating this story last year and spoke to one of the sponsors of that new bill.

Land bought by former member of Chinese army near Del Rio Base raises red flag in D.C. (SBG San Antonio)

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It’s a windmill project some say is way too close for comfort to Laughlin Air Force Base, where pilots are trained. About 130 thousand acres, the size of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The problem, according to elected officials is that the company’s owner in China has ties to the ruling communist party.

“In my opinion, it’s the greatest national security concern,” says Will Hurd, Congressman.

“What is happening is, we’ve got, you know, folks that are associated with the Chinese party in our backyard — in Val Verde County, and this bill gets to the heart of that.” Tony Gonzales, Congressman.

Gonzales says there is a growing concern of these companies owned by foreign adversaries near bases all over the U.S.

It appears Mike Lindell is ahead of the program and warned us of China taking over our land 9 years ago and lawmakers are just now noticing it.


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