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Pelosi Breaks Own Mask Rules While Some Republicans Are Calling For Her Impeachment


It’s rules for thee but not for me again in Congress.

Yesterday, Nasty Nancy declared that anyone who didn’t wear a mask was to be arrested like a common criminal.

But we all know the Democrats have another much more important law.

Never let a despotic law stand in the way of a good photo-op.

According to FOX News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., removed her mask to take a photo with the newest congressman from Texas in what appeared to be a violation of Capitol Police’s mask guidance.

Pelosi ditched her mask briefly while taking a photo with the newly minted Rep. Jake Ellzey, R-Texas, the day after Capitol Police were directed to arrest staffers and visitors who refused to wear masks on the House side of the Capitol.

Although the mask-dropping was only for a few seconds – and outside of the bounds of the House chambers, where Pelosi has imposed her own fine for going maskless – the Friday video went viral online.

Here she is, non-smear lipstick intact as she takes off the mask for her picture.

The Republicans have had enough.

There has been a push to impeach Pelosi over this mask craziness.

According to The Sun:

On Friday Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, posted an “Impeach Biden” message to Twitter as she hit out at Pelosi’s mandate.

Greene was one of three Republican lawmakers who sued Pelosi earlier this week after being fined $500 for not wearing masks on the House floor.

‘Vacate the chair!” Green added in a separate tweet.

She branded it the “House of Hypocrites” after it was reported that two Pelosi staffers tested positive for Covid.

“Headed to the Senate floor with my colleagues to protest Nancy Pelosi’s tyrannical mask mandate,” Greene said as she posted a video of herself and other lawmakers walking without masks toward the Senate.

On Friday, Green posted another video of herself at a “checkpoint” in Capitol buildings.

On Thursday night, her colleague Rep Nancy Mace told Fox News that Pelosi is “totally off the rails.”

“She has gone totally nuts on this thing. And I can think of no worse incentive than telling the American people that if you’re vaccinated, you must still wear a mask because do vaccinations work or do they not?” Mace told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Hannity.

“They’re certainly virtue signaling, and one of the things that I learned today, which is really scary, is that if you’re a citizen of the United States and you travel to Mexico and you want to come back home after vacation, our country, the United States of America, requires its citizens to test negative for COVID-19.

“So when the left and Nancy Pelosi and President Biden and Chuck Schumer talk about the Delta variant and spreading COVID, what do you think they’re doing along the border?” Mace slammed.

“They’re allowing in illegal immigrants who have COVID, they’re not being tested, they’re not getting vaccinated. And you sure as heck know that we’re not requiring them to wear masks when they cross the border.

“This is an agenda that is un-American.”

What are the chances that the Dems would allow Pelosi to be impeached?

About as much chance as Nancy following the same rules she sets for others.


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