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WATCH: January 6th Testimony From Capitol Police


Well, it has officially started.

The January 6th Commission is hearing the testimony of police officers who were there in D.C. on January 6th.

There are a lot of tears and theatrics going on, and Republicans look like they are going to fight this commission in any way they can, due to Pelosi refusing to accept certain GOP appointments like Rep. Jim Jordan.

After all, if she wanted the truth then we would have all the video evidence.

Where are the countless hours of footage from that day, and why is the footage being withheld?

Why are select members of The GOP being blocked from joining the commission? Is it because Pelosi knows she will be exposed, if a firebrand like Rep. Jim Jordan is added to the commission?

My bet is yes, that’s exactly what she is so afraid of.

Take a look at what’s going on in the hearing right now:

NPR describes the scene:

Metropolitan Police officer Fanone described his experience heading to the Capitol on Jan. 6 to assist U.S. Capitol police. He said the scene he found as he worked his way to the West Front where thousands of rioters were violently clashing with police was “nothing short of brutal.”

Fanone decried those in Congress who are “downplaying or outright denying what happened” on Jan. 6, saying, “I feel like I went to hell and back to protect them.”

“The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!” Fanone shouted as he pounded the witness table. “Nothing, truly nothing has prepared me to address those elected members of our government who continue to deny the events of that day. And in doing so betray their oath of office.”



NBC News featured even more testimony:

After delivering powerful testimony about being bombarded with racial slurs on Jan. 6, Officer Dunn, who is Black, called the words “weapons.”

“Disheartening that we live in a country with people like that,” Dunn said, “who attack you based on the color of your skin. Those words are weapons.”

“Once I was able to process it, it hurt,” he added. “It hurt just reading it now, thinking about it. … It just hurts that we have people in this country that result to that regardless of your actions and what you desire to do to make a difference out there.”


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