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Bravo Europe! Massive Protests Against Vaccine Passport Tyranny Rage Across the Continent


Since the mainstream media will either ignore, criticize, or underreport the true number of protestors, I’d like to give a big shoutout to freedom-loving Europeans.

Yesterday, massive protests broke out across the continent to resist COVID-19 tyranny and the eroding of human rights around the world.

If you’ve paid attention to what has transpired in Europe this week, several nations instituted COVID-19 vaccine passports.

Unvaccinated citizens are now considered second-class citizens in numerous European countries.

And they’re not going down without a fight.

Millions of Europeans fought for freedom and spat in the face of the Globalist agenda.

Let’s start where the first protests rocked the continent, France:

London has witnessed several massive protests in recent months.

Yesterday was no different.

Fresh off their Euro 2020 championship, Italians were rewarded from their government with vaccine passports.

And that didn’t sit well with thousands of freedom-loving Italians.

Folks on the Emerald Isle also joined the party.

How about Greece?

The Netherlands showed their support to resist COVID-19 tyranny.

Over in Finland:

And in Slovakia:

And the resistance didn’t stop there.

From Spain:


And why stop in Europe?

Other regions of the world joined the rallies for freedom.

Australia finally showed some fight following the world’s most Orwellian lockdowns:

While the Olympics is a totalitarian freak show, freedom-minded Japanese hit the streets:

Mexico & India:

And Israelis forcefully responded to their Prime Minister’s disgusting remarks calling non-Big Pharma lab rats dangers to society:

We even had one showing in the United States, although it should be much bigger.

This was out of NYC:

Americans need to realize politicians on both sides of the aisle are going to attempt lockdowns and mask mandates AGAIN.

Some places already have.

Congress members, governors, and media pundits are begging Americans to receive the experimental COVID-19 jabs.

And some are even blaming unvaccinated people for a rise in cases.

While Republicans are imploring Americans to receive the experimental Big Pharma injections and ignore safe & effective treatments, the tyrannical left is going full psycho calling for vaccine segregation.

It’s a circus show running around Americans who desire medical freedom and an end to COVID-19 tyranny.

All Americans who wanted the experimental jabs have gotten them.

The only way to get more shots into arms is by force/intimidation/coercion.

So, I expect the continued push from both sides to ramp up in the coming weeks.

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