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Does FOX News Have a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Policy for its Employees?


For months, liberals have screamed that FOX News is guilty of vaccine misinformation that is killing Americans.

In reality, FOX News has deep connections to Big Pharma and they’re for experimental jabs like other media outlets.

Despite the corruption amongst FOX News executives, primetime hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have remained outliers in COVID-19 vaccine coverage.

Their coverage has been solid and they’ve interviewed doctors and reporters censored from Big Tech for sounding the alarm of potential risks from the experimental jabs.

Carlson has rightfully called vaccine passports “Medical Jim Crow.”

However, new reports indicate that FOX News instituted its own internal COVID-19 vaccine passport system.

If that’s the case, then none of their talk show hosts have any right lecturing viewers about them.

They would be pure hypocrites for obediently following along with the same tyrannical system they criticize.

This report from The Hill claims they received internal documents from the FOX News HR Department:


Although this comes from a left-wing reporter, that puts FOX News in a hypocritical light.

To allow your talk show hosts to rightfully criticize vaccine passports, but enforce them behind the scenes.

That’s something I would expect from CNN and MSNBC.

And of course, CNN and liberal pundits jumped at the opportunity to report that FOX News enforced their employees to prove their vaccination status.

Leftist Twitter has seen a firestorm of people saying Carlson, Ingraham, and other FOX News hosts are hypocrites for being vaccinated and sparking “vaccine hesitancy.”

While left-wing media screams hypocrisy, it’s a different kind of hypocrisy from my perspective.

I think it’s hypocritical for FOX News to pretend they’re against vaccine passports and medical tyranny on air, while supporting them behind the scenes.

Although I couldn’t care less if Carlson, Ingraham, or any other host took the experimental jab, they should have the moral fortitude to call out FOX News for “Medical Jim Crow.”

If the FOX Clear Pass is verified from the above report, then talk show hosts who rail against vaccine passports should openly criticize FOX News executives.

And on air!

Business Insider reported:

The Fox Corporation has instituted a strict COVID-19 policy that includes a vaccine passport, allowing only the company’s fully-vaccinated employees to work in their offices without wearing a mask or social distancing.

But a slew of the parent company’s Fox News personalities, particularly two of its highest-paid and most influential primetime hosts, have railed against exactly this kind of vaccination policy, also known as a “vaccine passport.”

Beyond increased vaccine hesitancy among conservative men — a major share of the network’s audience — polling shows Fox News viewers are less likely to say they have gotten or plan on getting the vaccine compared to the general population.

Many of the network’s daytime anchors have said on-air that they’ve gotten vaccinated and have encouraged viewers to do the same, but in primetime, hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have both frequently dismissed the science around the vaccine and featured guests making misleading and false claims about the shots’ high level of efficacy.

Carlson, Fox’s top rated host and the centerpiece of its growing streaming service, has compared vaccine passports to “Jim Crow” racial segregation laws and likened asking someone about their vaccination status to asking them whether they’ve been infected with HIV or what their favorite sex positions are.

“Medical Jim Crow has come to America,” Carlson claimed last month. “If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones.”

Both the host and network will not say whether he’s been vaccinated.

A Fox News spokesperson pointed Insider toward a Fox Corp. memo from June on return to office procedures. A Fox Corp. spokesperson confirmed the rollout of the voluntary proof of vaccination system to Insider in an email.

The Intercept’s Ryan Grim first reported on Monday that Fox began asking its employees to attest to their own vaccination status in May in order to receive a “FOX Clear Pass.” Employees who don’t inform the company that they’ve been fully vaccinated — including the dates of their shots and type of immunization — are required to fill out a daily health screening before coming into the office, wear masks, and maintain physical distance from others in the office.

Ingraham, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, has brought guests on who spread lies about the COVID-19 vaccines, including the falsehood that the shots aren’t effective against the new, even more contagious Delta variant.

Tell us your thoughts.

FOX News hypocrisy or carefully crafted left-wing hit piece?


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