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Marie Claire Wants More Abortions Onscreen in Movies and TV


The fight to preserve the sanctity of human life is raging stronger than ever. The Left is fully aware that Conservatives have a majority in the Supreme Court.

2021 is the first time in recent history where Roe v. Wade could be overturned and protections for unborn babies could become a reality.

Liberals are not taking this well.

One of the tactics they have implemented is the same one they’ve used before. The Left seeks to normalize their extreme agenda to the point where it’s simply accepted as a way of life.

A major tool for the Left is normalizing the extreme using Hollywood. It’s obvious what they are pushing simply because it shows up on your television, movie screen, and newspaper at the same time.

As it turns out, Liberals want to normalize abortion. The Daily Mail has more.

Fashion magazine Marie Claire has been slammed by pro-life and conservative groups after publishing an article that calls for more depictions of abortion in film and television.

The article, by feminist writer Danielle Campoamor, argues that there should be more plotlines involving parents having the medical procedure because examples of abortion in the media often involve single, affluent teenagers who aren’t ready to be mothers.

The absurdity of this article is unreal. It should be no surprise that the article was written by someone on the far left. What is surprising is that Marie Claire has published it. They are on the Left but this is extreme even for them.

The way that Campoamor depicts abortion is disgusting.

The piece adds that abortion is a saving grace for pregnant parents who are financially struggling and can’t afford to have another child.

Saving grace, yes she literally said that abortion is akin to salvation.

Even more horrifying are the responses coming from ignorant people that are willing to applaud anything labeled “woke”.  Have a look at this selection of tweets.

“Abortion storytellers” What in the actual world. Just cause you can come up with a name for it doesn’t actually make it a thing.

Some people truly are sheep. Thankfully the response from the rest of America not living in major coastal cities was as you would expect.

Articles like these are going to increase in number. The Left has already decided that they need to normalize pregnancy more than before. Movies, television, and news outlets are going to start peddling it continually.

While normalizing through media is one goal, there is another one that I hope conservatives can see from a mile away. Distraction.

The Left hopes to get conservatives riled up about the horrible rhetoric that they lose sight of the most important thing. Legislation.

Hopefully, Americans don’t get so caught up with boycotting magazines and car companies that they forget to call their senators to get the ball moving on Pro-life legislation that will actually make the biggest difference.

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