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FREEDOM PHONE: Not Made In China, New Payment Plan Option!


The Freedom Phone continues to be a wild success!

Not just for the people who make it, although kudos to them and I love to see good people doing well.

But a huge success for all of us as we take one step away from the shackles of Big Tech!

After working on the launch for about a week now, there are two comments I heard most often….(1) but it’s made in China!  And (2) I can’t afford $450 all at once, can I make smaller payments?

We’ll talk about #1 a down below (spoiler alert: NOT true, just more MSM lies), but right now I want to talk about #2 and the great news that a payment plan is now available!

Here’s the deal; the phone costs $499, which already is a fraction of what a new iPhone costs.

With my WLT promo code, I can save you $50 right off the top, so that drops it to $450:

And now the best part….

If $450 is still too much (it is for most of us), you can now cut that into four INTEREST-FREE payments!

Just select the Klarna option when you get to payment at checkout:


Who loves ya baby?

NOAH has always got you covered.

Now for those of you who missed the launch or don’t know much about the phone, let’s talk about the other details….

The Freedom Phone is created by a guy named Erik Finman, the Freedom Phone is our way to finally fight back against the censorship of Big Tech.

You know how Big Tech always says “if you don’t like the censorship, then build your own”?

Well, Erik did just that and it launched this week.

Remember when they kicked Parler off the Apple and Google App Stores?

This phone comes with an App Store that will NEVER be censored!

All your favorite Apps will ALWAYS work here, whether that’s Parler or Telegram or Rumble or any new Apps that come out in the future that Big Tech doesn’t like… are just some that are supported:

But next I want to answer the critics….

Because we’ve had a few pop up.

First, I want to address it in general and then we’ll dive into specifics.

Here’s what’s actually so sad for me….

For FIVE YEARS now, we’ve seen the Mainstream Media lie through their teeth about everything pro-Trump, pro-American, pro-Freedom, pro-Liberty.


Are you all with me on that?  We’ve all seen that right?

I really would have hoped that after 5 years of seeing the way they operate we all would have woken up.  Not “woke” but AWAKE to the way they operate.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think 95% of us have….but there have been a few pop up this week who were so quick to jump in and criticize the Freedom Phone.


Because they “researched it”.

Ok, good I support that.

I support thinking and doing your own research.

The only problem?

Their “research” consisted of reading MSM hit pieces no doubt put out by Apple and Google who are scared of this phone and want to discredit it.

Specifically, this article ran by The Daily Beast.

That’s right folks, far far left and vile publisher The Daily Beast ran a hit piece on the phone.

My response?

Well, actually I can’t say it any better than Candace Owens who said this:

Perfectly said Candace!

You know you’re 100% over the target when they have to get the vile Daily Beast to run a hit piece against it.

But what saddens me is the couple of people who so earnestly thought they were “researching it” by reading this article.

Folks….it’s a hit piece from the MSM who DOES NOT WANT you to have a phone free of censorship.

It so disheartens me to see some of you did not learn anything from the past 5 years and you’re all too happy to take what the Daily Beast wants you to believe hook, line and sinker.

Now let’s dig into some of the specific criticisms and I think it will become even all the more clear.

One of the main “gripes” is that the phone is manufactured in China.


It’s manufactured in Hong Kong.

Yup, you know….the very Hong Kong that China is trying to wipe out because they dare to want freedom!


Hey, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

So if you’re keeping track at home, here’s how things are shaping up:  Big Tech hates the Freedom Phone and does not want you to have it, and they HATE that it’s manufactured in Hong Kong, who wants to be free of China.

On the other hand, you have people like me, Candace Owens and dozens of others who love the fact that this is one more step forward in getting FREE from Big Tech.

Have you chosen a side yet?

Now let’s hear directly from founder Erik Finman with more details:

Details on tech specs:


Manufacturing in Hong Kong confirmed:

Components were heavily vetted:

Newsweek actually did a reasonably fair write up:

The handset has been described as a “free speech and privacy first” phone, according to the company’s website. The Freedom Phone comes with preloaded apps, which according to the website include “some of the most popular banned and unbanned conservative sites and apps.”

The Freedom Phone will also have its own app store with the website stating that customers will be allowed to “read what you like, watch what you like, think what you like” as “nothing is censored.”

The Freedom Phone operates with its own FreedomOS software and comes with lots of storage, a 6-inch screen and a large camera. As is the case for the app store, however, details on the features are still scarce.

According to Finman, the Freedom Phone “does everything your current phone does, except censor you and spy on you.” Unlike Apple and Android devices, the Freedom Phone will have no app tracking, no keyboard tracking and no location tracking.

Finman said the handset will feature Trust, a security tool designed to warn users whenever an app or website is tracking them and it gives them the chance to stop that from happening.

Why Did Finman Create the Freedom Phone?

In a video he posted on Twitter to introduce the phone, Finman said his decision to enter the phone industry was motivated by a desire to fight back against Big Tech censorship.

“I’ve made it to Silicon Valley and I have already achieved a lot in my life, but now I’m leaving Big Tech to fight for free speech because the big tech overlords are violating your privacy, censoring your speech and I think that’s so wrong,” he said.

“That’s why I created The Freedom Phone and its uncensorable app store.

“Everyone is complaining about Big Tech censorship, but nobody is doing anything about it.”

Where Can I Buy the Freedom Phone and How Much Is It?

The Freedom Phone is currently on sale on its official website for $499.99. According to the website, the handsets will be shipped in August and users will be able to start using it by simply inserting their old SIM card into their new phones.

Now listen to Candace Owens explain why this is the ONLY product she has ever endorsed:

You rock Candace!

For a limited time, I can get you $50 off a Freedom Phone too, deatils here:


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