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Retired Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel Says Trump Likely Won Pennsylvania By 6-8%!


How much President Trump won the 2020 election is yet to be determined.

It seems as more evidence is released about the election, the more the numbers obviously favor Trump!

What about Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania?

Did President Trump win Pennsylvania in a landslide?

With the forensic audit moving forward in Pennsylvania, we will soon have more answers to the BIG LIE.

State Senator Doug Mastriano has been championing the forensic audit in Pennsylvania.

Even with obstruction from Governor Wolf and the Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro, nothing can stop the freight train of audits!

Mastriano has said that “the case for a forensic investigation of the 2020 general election is evident to any unbiased observer.”

Penn Capital Star has more on the next steps for Pennsylvania and how the Democrats have tried to obstruct the audit thus far:

Mastriano sent a letter to Philadelphia County, home to Pennsylvania’s largest city, York County, an exurban county in south-central Pennsylvania, and Tioga County, a rural county in north-central Pennsylvania, requesting data about the 2020 general and 2021 primary elections. Philadelphia is reliably Democratic, while York and Tioga are reliably Republican.

Mastriano said the counties show he is attempting an even-handed fact-finding mission because the targeted counties represent varying geographic and political leanings.

In a Wednesday radio interview with conservative host John Fredericks, Mastriano hinted that he might request material from more countries in the future.

“This is round one,” Mastriano said. “I have other counties that want to be looked at as well, so we might do another round two.”

The letter asked for items from 45 separate bullet points, likely amounting to hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence.

Among the items Mastriano requested were all ballots from the 2020 general election, voting machines, voter rolls, mail-in ballot envelopes, ballot paper samples, computer logs, security protocols, as well as software and hardware used during the voting process.

Counties have until July 31 to give Mastriano a plan to provide all of this to him, or he threatened to issue subpoenas.

Mastriano’s request will likely result in the three targeted counties handing over hundreds of thousands of documents, plus thousands of pieces of voting equipment.

The three counties contacted for information did not say if they will voluntarily share the requested materials Wednesday, and none offered an update as of Friday. They also have ample reason to be wary.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, if counties hand over the equipment Mastriano requested, they might not get it back in time to prepare for the 2021 general election this November.

Counties also run the risk of having to pay millions of dollars to replace equipment if it’s handled by someone without the proper training, according to the Inquirer. Equipment in that scenario would be decertified for use.

In fact, Gov. Tom Wolf’s acting secretary of state, Veronica Degraffenreid, issued a directive on Friday that prohibits third-party access to electronic voting machines. She said that such access “undermines the chain of custody requirements and strict access limitations” to prevent tampering with the systems.

The directive, which has no definitive expiration date, prohibits counties from providing physical, electronic, or internal access to third parties. If access is granted, those machines will be deemed insecure and lose certification from the Department of State.

In Arizona, where a similar audit is wrapping up, the audited county is buying new voting machines and had to pay off the remaining lease. And in Fulton County, Pa., the county also had to pay $25,000 to buy new machines after Mastriano encouraged the small, rural county to audit its election earlier this year.

Subpoenas are legally binding requests for information that are typically issued by a court during an investigation.

But legislative bodies also have the ability to issue them. In the Pennsylvania Senate, they can be issued by any committee chairperson with a majority vote of the committee. That’ll require the vote of six of the 10 senators on Mastriano’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee.

But legislative subpoenas are rare, former Senate staffers told the Capital-Star, especially when it comes to a request as broad as Mastriano’s. Typically, subpoenas have only been used to force a response from the executive branch.

We can see an example of that last year, in April 2020, when a Senate committee sought information on Gov. Tom Wolf’s pandemic response.

The administration did not immediately comply, and the two went to court. However, the case was dropped by July.

“The administration worked cooperatively with the Senate to address their concerns without the need for court intervention,” a Wolf spokesperson said in an email.

Democratic state Attorney General Josh Shapiro also said that try if the Senate approves subpoenas, “you can expect our office to do everything to protect the Commonwealth, its voters and the free, fair election that was held in Pennsylvania.”

Governor Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s uncooperativeness with the audit is suspect.

If you have nothing to hide, why not comply and turn over the voting machines?

Former Baseball Analyst and retired Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel gave his Pennsylvania analysis on Steve Bannon’s War Room today.

And let me tell you, what He unearthed I could have never imagined.

Keshel was dropping some BOMBS on the show!

He put together some great infographics about Pennsylvania and graphs showing the trends for the votes.

Seth Keshel says the Democrats in Pennsylvania had their peak in 2008 during Obama.

Beginning in 2012, He says the votes started moving in the opposite direction.

In 2016 with President Trump on board, 60 more counties registered Republican in Pennsylvania!

Based on “Trump growth,” Keshel estimates Biden had around 68,000 excess votes in 4 specific Pennsylvania counties.

Conveniently, Biden “won” Pennsylvania by 80,000.

Bannon says we need a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania, and “subpoenas will be flying.”

You have to watch the interview for yourself because I can’t do it justice.

Check it out safely on Rumble below:

It seems nothing can stop the big lie from being exposed.

At the end of the interview, David Clements with The Professor’s Record discussed how to volunteer and get involved in the America First Audit.

You can go on Telegram and search for @AmericaFirstAudits or @AmericaFirstAuditsChat.

Everyone from every state can get involved ASAP!

Clements says they will present the case to the American people that our legislators won’t, all on Telegram.

Steve Bannon says it best at the end of his episode: “courage is contagious.”

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