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‘I’m not taking it’: Must-see compilation of Joe Biden and Kamala spreading vaccine skepticism


Mainstream media personalities make it seem that questioning the vaccine is equal to murder. Listening to Kamala and Joe during their press conferences, you would think that only racists and Trump supporters doubt the effectiveness of “the jab”.

Remember when Kamala started her campaign to dispel vaccine skepticism back in February? She even pulled the race card to push the Moderna-developed product.

Or how about that time when Biden rolled out of bed to declare that Kamala and his wife were going to go out and promote the vaccine? Conservative Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy.

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The Harris/Biden administration is putting on the full-court press this month. They even accused Facebook of killing people because they refuse to censor their platform even more to dispel vaccine misinformation. Read “anybody who questions Joe.”

The funny thing is that before 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were the greatest spreaders of “vaccine misinformation”. In fact, based on their rhetoric pre-2021, you might mistake Kamala as a Trump Supporter or “ignorant” Republican.

All their virtue signaling makes this video compilation a must-watch. Here’s a mashup of all the things Joe and Kamala said against the very vaccine they are pushing now. Check it out before Twitter kneels to Joe’s wishes and bans it.

Response from Conservatives was quick and hilarious.

This would make for excellent comedy if this wasn’t actually the reality Americans are living in. Can’t wait for more mashups like this. Hopefully, we can catch them before Joe sends his misinformation militia after us.

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