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“Experimental Explosion” Registers 3.9 Magnitude Earthquake Near Florida Gulf Coast


The United States Geological Survey has reported that a 3.9 magnitude “Experimental Explosion” occurred off the gulf of Florida on Friday.

The explosion took place near the same spot where the United States Navy conducted explosion tests last month.

On June 18th the U.S. Navy launched several explosions tests to test whether or not Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford is ready for battle.

Last time the U.S. Navy sent out statements regarding the explosions, however this time they have not claimed the mysterious explosions as of yet.

According to the USGS 3.9 magnitude earthquakes usually can’t be felt outside of the epicenter but they do show up on seismographs.

Fox 13 News had more details to share on the story:

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported a magnitude 3.9 “experimental explosion” approximately 187 miles east-northeast of Flagler Beach, Florida.

The shock, detected on Friday afternoon, is near a location where the United States Navy conducted tests last month.

On June 18, the Navy reported that its aircraft, the USS Gerald R. Ford, successfully completed a scheduled explosive event on the U.S. east coast as part of Full Ship Shock Trials. That event also measured a magnitude 3.9 shock.

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Newsweek covered the story too and added these details:

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said that an “experimental explosion” registering as a magnitude 3.9 earthquake took place off the coast of Florida on Friday, near a site of a similar blast caused by a Navy test last month.

On June 18, Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford conducted the first of a series of “Full Ship Shock Trials,” events that are intended to test whether ships are ready to withstand battle conditions. USGS reported that the June test also registered at magnitude 3.9. It is not yet clear whether Friday’s explosion was the next in the series of tests.

Here’s a video of the previous experimental explosion in June:

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