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Tom Cotton Introduces Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory in the Military


Critical race theory threatens to destroy America from the inside out.

The racist ideology behind this democrat-backed view of race in the country has divided Americans even more in recent months.

The dems have pushed CRT in schools, as well as the military.

Republicans are fighting back though.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arizona announced Friday his plan to introduce legislation that would ban the teaching of CRT by the military.

Senator Cotton said:

“I’m about to demand all these generals and admirals that want another promotion to commit that they are not going to be teaching anything like this [CRT] in their commands.”

Cotton’s comments, which took place during the North County Republican Dinner, were met with applause.

Our friends at Breitbart have the story:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced Friday at the North County Republican Dinner in New Hampshire that he will introduce legislation to stop military officers from teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

“I’m about to demand all these generals and admirals that want another promotion to commit that they are not going to be teaching anything like this [CRT] in their commands,” Cotton announced to a loud applause. He went on:

CTR is the anti-American idea that the most important thing about you is your skin color; that some people are inherently privileged and oppressive because of the color of their skin. That first and foremost you should not be an individual, but rather a representative of people with the same skin color.

“All of these are diametrically opposed to the American founding,” Cotton continued. “They are opposed to what Dr. Martin Luther King said in his Dream Speech, ‘that we should be judged on the content of our character and not the color of our skin.'” He added:

These radicals today who want to repudiate the American founding… are trying to indoctrinate our kids, are trying to … your fellow workers. If you speak out, you might be ostracized. You might lose your job. Your business might be boycotted. You might lose your spot in school — all because you stood for the same thing that Dr. Martin Luther King stood for.”

“It is an outrage and has to be fought,” Cotton boldly stated.

Breitbart News reported Wednesday Cotton introduced legislation to prohibit federal funds from being distributed to K-12 schools that endorse CRT and to colleges and universities that compel faculty and students to adopt the Marxist ideology’s tenets.

Just a month ago, the Arizona Senator explained at a Senate hearing that critical race theory actually encourages racism in the military:

Senator Cotton isn't alone in this assessment.

There is widespread opposition against the teaching of CTR in our military, schools, or anywhere else.

Politicians and former military members alike have spoken out.

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