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NC Republicans Pushing to Audit Voting Machines for Illegal Modems


The heat is getting turned up all over the country for the Left. Despite their best efforts, more and more people are raising questions about the validity of the Presidential elections. Rightfully so. 

The Arizona audit has uncovered mountains of evidence pointing to widespread fraud and corruption. There are countless hearings being held by democrats to cut this new evidence off before it has a chance to hold election officials accountable. 

The fact that the Left is getting so emotional and vocal means that we are closer to blowing the lid off of their entire twisted plan. 

One state that has joined the frontlines of fighting against truth and transparency is North Carolina. News outlet Wavy has more on this.

Republicans in the conservative North Carolina House Freedom Caucus want to get an inside look at state voting machines, they say, to clear up myths that they could be connected to the Internet during an election.

But the North Carolina Board of Elections denied the request and wants the lawmakers to trust the state’s vetting process.

In the fashion of most corrupt people in power, election officials refused to be accountable by allowing for an audit of their voting machines. Keep in mind, audits were never a problem before the 2020 election. 

Republicans in North Carolina are coming at the audit from a different angle than states like Arizona. They are claiming that they do not believe there was fraud however an audit of the machines would help eliminate any doubt to that fact. 

Whatever gets the job done. 

Rep. Keith Kidwell (R-79) is spearheading the effort.

“The state board of elections is a state agency. We have oversight on everything in this state,” Kidwell said.

He and 25 other house Republicans want to have technicians open and inspect random voting machines to debunk rumors that they could include modems.

“Open and allow us to look in the systems and then close the systems. We would not invade, compromise, or damage the machines,”Kidwell said.

Kidwell said the caucus does not have concrete evidence of the modems, but rather emails from constituents.

“What we have are concerns from the public,” Kidwell said.

There are legitimate concerns from voters within North Carolina. Elected officials are responding to those concerns by requesting an audit. All of this seems completely reasonable and yet election officials are telling them no. 

Check out their reasoning. 

North Carolina State Elections Director Karen Brinson Bell said the concerns are unfounded.

“There’s a lot of national rhetoric and rumor and misinformation around the voting equipment in our country and in our procedures and that’s come home to North Carolina,” Brinson Bell said.

State law does not allow voting machines to reach the web.

Brinson Bell said there are many levels of security voting machines go through, which include a federal certification process, pre-election accuracy tests, and a post-election audit.

“There is no set up in North Carolina that allows for modemed data with our voting systems or with our tabulation,” Brinson Bell said. “No one outside of an election official or someone certified by federal authorities are able to access our voting equipment.”

Karen Brinson, director of elections must either be a complete moron or think everyone else is. 

Her reasoning makes no sense. She states there is no reason for an audit because election officials are the only ones allowed to handle voting machines. She fails to realize that this is the exact reason why there needs to be an audit. 

Perpetrators cannot also be the jury of their own trial. 

Unless there is something to hide, there should be no reason for such a strong rejection of a simple request. Especially from a governing body that has authority and jurisdiction. 

Thankfully Republicans are not backing down. 

Still, Kidwell and other members of the caucus said they’re not going to back down on their request.

“We will get the access, we will get the data that we request,” Kidwell said.

What the Left seems to forget is that as long as America remains a democracy, there is still the rule of law to contend with. While they may rule the court of popular, woke opinion, they have no leg to stand when it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

As long as conservatives hold their ground and use the right legislative channels, it won’t be much longer till we see exposure come to the Great State of North Carolina. 


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