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France Pushes for Mandatory Experimental COVID-19 Jabs for all French Citizens, Life “Totally Impossible” Without Vaccine Passport


France President Emmanuel Macron flexed his globalist muscles Monday announcing mandatory experimental COVID-19 vaccines for French healthcare professionals.

But Macron didn’t stop there.

He didn’t rule out mandating the experimental jabs for all French citizens if enough people don’t submit to his will.

The president intends to extend the sanitary passport requirements for as many French citizens as possible to coerce others to get the experimental jab.

And if this latest round of coercion doesn’t work, mandatory experimental jabs are on the table.

It’s a complete turnaround for Macron’s previous statements in December that the experimental jabs wouldn’t be mandatory.

But Macron is falling in line with the globalist script to intimidate as many citizens as possible to get injected with the experimental medicine.

That includes making life as difficult as possible for unvaccinated French citizens.

Let’s hope this wicked announcement from this little tyrant leads to another French Revolution.

Here’s the latest:

LifeSiteNews reported:

Compulsory COVID “vaccination” for health workers and extended sanitary passport requirements are the most spectacular measures announced this Monday evening by Emmanuel Macron, France’s globalist president. The announcements were made during a televised speech during which the French president made clear that all the new measures have a single objective: to get more and more citizens to choose to receive the experimental vaccine. If that does not work, making the jab compulsory for all may be considered.

But Macron wants more than that. In order to stop “even more dangerous variants” from making an appearance, he said an “immense project” needs to be implemented: “To vaccinate the world.”

Moreover Macron explicitly refused to rule out compulsory vaccination for all French people.

For the millions of you who have not yet been vaccinated, depending on the evolution of the situation we will have to raise the question of compulsory vaccination for all French people. But for now I chose trust, and I solemnly call on all our fellow citizens who haven’t yet been vaccinated to do so today. Nine million doses are ready for you.

The French government used the pretext of the growing prevalence of the so-called Delta (or Indian) variant, which is more contagious but less of a killer than the already not-so-lethal original Wuhan coronavirus to introduce compulsory vaccination in limited categories of the population. The move is presented as the “only way” to avoid further lockdowns, for which the non-vaccinated will be held responsible from now on.

Macron stated that the “vaccines” available in France (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen) are extremely efficient against the Delta variant, dividing contagions “by twelve” and avoid “95 percent” of hospitalizations. In the U.K., where vaccination is particularly widespread, the number of “cases” is rising fast, mainly with the Delta variant. And among the people whose death was attributed to the Delta variant – which is not many, because it is not very lethal – about half were fully vaccinated.

The jab is also being touted as the only way to avoid total economic collapse; the French employers’ organization “MEDEF” has been campaigning intensively for compulsory vaccination of all workers in contact with the public.

Macron stated: “We must move towards the vaccination of all the French, because it is the only pathway to the return to normal life. As a first stage, it will be mandatory for people in the health professions, care-givers or not.” At the same time, he asked the French to continue to observe social distancing.

While the vaccine tyranny is not yet complete, a number of elements are in place that will make it easy to implement – if there is not an energetic reaction on the part of the public.

As things stand, the experimental “vaccine” – which at present has only a “conditional” marketing authorization, will be made obligatory “without waiting” for all employees – both health workers and administrative personnel – of hospitals, clinics, rest-homes for the elderly and institutions for the disabled. All people who are in contact with “fragile” populations, either in institutions or in their homes, will also be required to receive the experimental shots, be they professionals or voluntary workers. First responders and all health service workers in whatever context are included among the “70 professions” who will need to get the jab.

As of September 15, all those who continue to refuse the experimental “vaccination” will “no longer be allowed to work and will receive no pay,” health minister Olivier Véran made clear later on a news show on national television. Macron had already stated that from that date, “controls will be carried out and sanctions applied.”

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