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WATCH: President Trump:” 1776 NOT 1619″!


Critical race theory NEEDS to go.

I have never seen anything more racist in my entire life. This idea that all white people need to suffer some collective guilt for the sins of the father is racist, evil, and similar ideologies have been seen before in Soviet Russia.

President Trump has always been on the front lines of fighting these communists who pretend to be guardians of civil rights, and now he is back again, front and center, to fight against critical race theory in our public schools.

I think he is spot on, we desperately need to defund CRT, and we need to fully defund any public university that teaches this kind of garbage—NOT just punish K-12 schools.

NO public university running on the public dime should be the instrument of national suicide, and if you ask me it all starts at the universities.

Where else did all these public school ‘teachers’ get their zany ideas from? We need to cut this off at the source, and not allow the universities to pump the public school system with subverted teachers and professionals.

Take a look at what President Trump had to say:

Breitbart had the facts:

“We will completely defund and bar Critical Race Theory — 1776 not 1619,” Trump said, referring to Jones’ highly controversial 1619 project, in which Jones asserts the United States was founded on the institution of slavery as well as the “legalized discrimination against black Americans.”

Critical Race Theory was the invention of a group of radical left-wing intellectuals known as the Frankfurt School, who developed it to achieve through cultural change what Marxism could not achieve politically, Breitbart News reported.

“The Democrat obsession with race is only dragging us backward into the past, and it is bringing our country down to a point where even China and Russia are lecturing us on human rights, race — and they’re doing it in a very humiliating fashion,” he added.

Trump’s sentiments mirrored an earlier discussion in the conference on Sunday where panelists called for conservatives to quit playing defense in America’s culture war.

The New York Post reported earlier:

“The Biden administration issued new rules pushing twisted critical race theory … into our military,” Trump told several thousand supporters gathered at the Lorain County Fairgrounds. “Our generals and our admirals are now focused more on this nonsense than they are on our enemies.”

“You see these generals lately on television? They are woke,” he said.

“Our military will be incapable of fighting and incapable of taking orders,” Trump predicted — imagining a future private refusing to comply with a general’s order.

“That private’s going to tell the general, ‘Don’t you ever speak to me that way, general — I’ll kick your ass,’” Trump said. “That’s our military, that’s where we’re going. Woke.”


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