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Nazi America? FBI Wants Americans to Snitch on Their Family & Friends to Combat “Extremism”


Is it appropriate to call the United States a totalitarian regime now?

After this tweet on Sunday from the FBI, I think that label is well deserved:

“Help prevent homegrown violent extremism.”

That sounds like an order from the government to spy on your family and friends.

And snitch to the Stasi.

Asking individuals to snitch on their own family is straight from Nazi Germany and the CCP.

It’s only a tactic used by authoritarian regimes.

And that’s where the United States has now landed.

It’s an authoritarian regime that wants to purge undesired opinions from public discourse.

If it threatens the regime, it must be abolished.

Critics noted the danger of the FBI’s statement:

While the FBI wants you to spy and snitch on your loved ones, they turn a blind eye to actual criminals and domestic terrorists.

Specifically, the ones responsible for the BLM riots last summer and far-left ANTIFA.

The FBI has a clear agenda.

Real terrorists can roam loose on the streets if they propagate the government-approved mainstream narrative.

But if you disagree with the government’s authority, then you’re deemed anti-American and a threat to the state.

And they want your family and friends to turn you in for anti-government thought.

Nazi America.

Stasi America.

USSA (United Socialist States of America).

Whatever you wish to call it, that’s where we’re at now.

And it’s a frightening realization if you have the “wrong” opinion.

Summit News reported:

The FBI fired out a tweet Sunday afternoon urging Americans to check on their own family members and make sure they aren’t planning any ‘extremism’, prompting a wave of comparisons to authoritarian communist governments.

The wording of the tweet, which links to a Department of National Intelligence (DNI) “booklet” about “homegrown violent extremism” is clear.

The 2019 document contains images commonly associated with radical Islamic terrorism and lists “mobilization indicators” including “communicating directly with violent extremists online.”

Yet there is a distinct ‘Hey Americans, spy on your families for the government’ vibe in the FBI tweet, as numerous detractors noted:

Others noted that real homegrown extremists are being ignored:

The development comes amid heightened scrutiny of the FBI concerning its role in the events at the Capitol on January 6th, and the subsequent treatment of those it has detained.

From Gateway Pundit:

The FBI outlined suspicious behaviors to watch out for in a 32-page bulletin.

Although the FBI (surprisingly) focused on Islamic terrorism, they described behaviors by other “homegrown extremists” to watch out for.

Based on the FBI’s treatment of Trump supporters who attended the January 6 Capitol protest, it is clear that the feds are also encouraging people to snitch on conservative family members.

For example, the FBI views “retweeting or linking to violent extremists” as suspicious behavior.

Violent extremists = QAnon followers and MAGA grandmas

Most of the behaviors listed below perfectly describe BLM and Antifa terrorists, however, the FBI totally ignores their terrorism and focuses only on MAGA grandmothers.

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