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Sky News Shock Claim: Delta Variant Kills More Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated


Well, well, well…

Isn’t this a shocking turn of events?

As the Delta variant spreads across the world, we are now hearing more about the vaccine and whether or not it is effective against this new COVID strain.

Now, there’s a shocking new claim from Sky News.

According to Sky News, you are more likely to die from the Delta variant if you have been vaccinated.

That’s not our claim.

We’re not scientists.

We’re simply reporting what the folks over at Sky News reported.

As a foreign news agency, they don’t have the same agenda to push as our “news” organizations over here.

Take a look at the shocking claim for yourself:

Here’s where things get interesting.

What did Sky News claim?

Sky News claimed that more people have died from the Delta variant IF they had the vaccine compared to unvaccinated people.


Compare that to what CNN had to say.

CNN appeared to claim that the vaccine is safe and effective against the Delta variant:


Both news organizations cannot be right.

One of these statements is the truth and the other is a falsehood.

Which one is it?

According to Healthline, Delta can affect you even if you’ve been vaccinated:

With the rapid spread of the delta variant in the United States, coronavirus cases are spiking in parts of the country, especially in areas with low COVID-19 vaccination rates.

This has led to surges in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths, largely among people who are not fully vaccinated.

In fact, nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the United States are now among the unvaccinated, according to an analysis by the Associated Press.

At a White House briefing on June 22, Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said most of these deaths were “entirely preventable.”

Although fully vaccinated people have a much lower risk of severe illness, their health could still be impacted as COVID-19 surges send ripples throughout the healthcare system, something we’ve seen throughout the pandemic.

In addition, children under 12 years old are not yet eligible for vaccination, which leaves them at risk — albeit a smaller risk than adults — of illness, hospitalization, and other complications of coronavirus infection.

Increased hospitalizations in some parts of the United States are driven by the fast-spreading delta variant and low vaccination rates in those areas.

Overall, 53.8 percent of all people in the United States have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the CDC.

But in some states in the South and West, the one-dose rates are below 40 percent. The situation is even more dire in certain counties in these areas.

Missouri leads in hospitalizations, with intensive care beds filling up with mostly unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. Many of them are “surprisingly young.”

Don’t be surprised if our overlords in social media attempt to silence this article.

However, don’t the American people have a right to know the truth?

Again, we’re not making any claims.

We’re simply reporting the news.

And the American people deserve the right to consume the news and make the decision that is best for them.

Now, it appears that Dr. Fauci is relying on the Delta variant to push the vaccine.

According to NPR:

Coronavirus cases and deaths in the U.S. are down dramatically from last winter’s peaks, but the road ahead could still be a long one, with the rapid spread of the delta variant — now the dominant strain of the virus in the U.S. — and mounting questions over how effective current vaccines are against it.

Addressing those concerns in an interview Thursday with NPR’s All Things Considered, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said studies continue to show that vaccines are not only effective against the virus, they’re also highly effective at preventing serious disease or hospitalization.

“No matter what study you look at, the protection against severe disease leading to hospitalization is always well within the 90%, regardless of the study, regardless of the country,” Fauci said.

That’s just part of the reason why, he said, it’s so crucially important to get vaccinated.

“It’s so easy to get vaccinated. Viruses don’t mutate if they can’t replicate, and you can prevent them from replicating by vaccinating enough people so that the virus has nowhere to go,” said Fauci, who is also chief medical adviser to President Biden.

Fauci has clearly flipped flopped.

He was against masks before he was for masks.

He was against the lockdowns before he was for the lockdowns.

Why is his opinion still relevant?

In the meantime, we continue to stand by the principle that the American people should have all the data available to them.

And that the American people should have the FREEDOM to make their own medical choices!


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