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Bo Polny: Time Is Up, Judgment Falls Now!


Bo Polny returned to my show yesterday to bring a powerful message.

Bo called me and said July 9 is a powerful pivot moment, the ending of the 444 days, so he wanted to do an interview on that very day.

And let me tell you something….when the Analyst of Time himself is asking to do an interview on a particular day, that’s something you don’t argue with!

Actually, it’s always my pleasure to have Bo on the show, I always enjoy chatting with him….and this time definitely did not disappoint!

We talked about so many things….first and foremost the delay and how God has given these people and extra window of time to repent and admit what they did.

Bo says that ends NOW.

No more delays, no more windows to make amends.

What they have done is now locked in stone and judgment is about to fall.

Who else is ready? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

That wasn’t all, not by a long shot.

Bo says the dollar is still set to take a big haircut and when that happens Gold and Silver skyrocket.

No only that but Bo is standing 100% behind his prior statements that Bitcoin not only goes to $100,000 THIS YEAR but actually blows past it and hits $200,000.

Yes, you read that right.

Bitcoin currently sits at $33,500 as of the time of writing this article on July 10, 2021.

Oh baby, better buckle up your seatbelt for that rocket ship!

Ok, no more jabbering from me.

Please enjoy this interview and listen to what Bo says in his own words.

Find out why the completion of 444 days is very important and where we’re at in the cycles right now.

You can watch it safely here on Rumble:

And I also have a backup on YouTube if they aren’t too afraid to leave it up.

Watch here:

And don’t worry, I’ve got the links for you to the Slides so you can download them for free.

Go here:

👉 Download Bo’s slides here:

If you want more on crypto and want to check out Bo’s Newsletter to get his full reports published about every other day, I’ve got that link for you plus a discount here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to, use code WLT49.

And if you’re new to crypto and want to learn how to get started and how to do it SAFELY, you want the Easy Crypto School, which really is a fantastic product.

Kudos to Bo and his son who put this together.

Every time I have Bo on the show I get flooded with emails asking how people can start buying crypto and I just don’t have the time to show everyone one-on-one.

So I’m so happy Bo put this together and we can now help hundreds of people all at once.

Go here:

👉 Easy Crypto School, go to, use code WLT39.

I also want to say this….

I so appreciate Bo standing with the prophets and declaring loudly that they DID NOT GET IT WRONG!

Thank you Bo!

I stand with them as well.

So many people are getting impatient because God is not working on THEIR timeline.

Sorry people, that’s not how that works.

I believe many things are happening behind the scenes right now that we don’t see yet.

I also believe a shift happened over 4th of July weekend just like the prophets all declared and we simply haven’t seen it yet….and I believe they are doing everything they can to cover it up and keep it from the public.

But it won’t work.

It will all come out and very soon.

Hang in there and DO NOT lose hope!

Do not become jaded.

Do not become grumpy!

Something has shifted and you will see the results soon.

Thanks again to Bo for coming on the show, we’ll do it again soon and I have a feeling the next time we are going to have a LOT to talk about!


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