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Does This Prove There’s A “Biden Family Curse”?


Is Biden’s Family Cursed with Addiction?

As a staunch conservative, Joe Biden in the Oval Office is not ideal. His stance on abortion, government interference and more is problematic.

For many, Joe represents the dim-witted nephew of the antichrist. To many, he’s evil, hates the Constitution and has no qualms selling out this nation for a few million dollars.

While all of that may be true, based on a recent report by the Daily Mail, Joe is also a heartbreakingly, tragic figure.

It’s been revealed through leaked text messages that five close members in the Biden family have been to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse. These are just the ones that have sought help. It’s unclear how many more there may be.

Five members of Joe Biden’s close family have been to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse, can reveal.

The president’s brother Frank, children Hunter and Ashley, his niece Caroline and his late son’s widow who also became Hunter’s lover, Hallie, have all suffered from addiction issues and had spells in treatment centers – some at the orders of a judge.

It seems that try as Joe might, the specter of addiction seems to be coming after some of his closest family.

Especially heartbreaking is an exchange between Hunter and Joe via text message.

In text messages to Hunter, Joe even referred to his son’s addiction as a ‘disease from mommy and me.’

That exchange is one of the first glimpses that Joe’s family is suffering from a generational affliction of addiction. It meets all the hallmarks of a generational curse for many.

Things get even worse when you realize that harm has come to his family from people who have also struggled with addiction.

Joe Biden himself is reportedly a teetotaler, after seeing the effects of alcoholism on his favorite uncle who he lived with as a child, according to an October 2020 New York Times profile.

The president has previously accused the truck driver involved in the 1972 accident that killed his first wife and daughter, of being drunk at the time, despite the fact that the driver was not charged with a DUI and police found no evidence of drunk driving.

Try as Joe might, he can’t seem to defeat the power of addiction. He’s even tried to fight it on the national level.

The revelations shed a new personal light on the president’s previous war on drugs, criticizing George Bush Sr’s 1980s War on Drugs for being ‘not tough enough’ and writing punitive laws with harsher sentences for drug crimes when he was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In recent years, struggles have come famously from Joe’s daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden and notorious son, Hunter Biden.

The President’s wayward son became the poster child for drug addiction’s ruinous effects, as his downward spiral into crack smoking and sordid affairs with prostitutes was laid bare last year when images and messages from his abandoned laptop fell into the media’s hands.

But texts on the laptop also reveal that Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s widow who became his lover after Beau died of brain cancer in 2015, has been to rehab four times, costing over $100,000, some of it allegedly paid for by Joe Biden

A family member that hasn’t gotten as much media attention over the years is Joe’s daughter, Ashley Biden who has helped on her father’s campaigns over the years.

After years of being arrested for possession and illegal behavior, things got even worse in the 2000’s.

She had a third run-in with the law in August 2002, when she was arrested for allegedly obstructing officers trying to break up a bar fight in Chicago.

She reportedly ‘blocked the officer’s path and made intimidating statements’ after one of the assailants threw a bottle at the police.

In March 2009 an anonymous informant approached the New York Post with a video they claimed showed Ashley snorting cocaine at a party in Delaware that month.

The Post declined to purchase the video but ran a story about it.

The newspaper reported that in the video a woman resembling Ashley snorted lines of white powder on a desk through a red straw, and later shouted ‘Shut the f*** up’ to others in the room.

The Post reported that lawyers who were touting the video for their client claimed ‘At one point she pretty much complains that the line isn’t big enough,’ and that ‘She talks about her dad,’ adding that they had been offered $250,000 for the footage.

Ashley, her family and the White House did not respond to the Post’s requests for comment at the time, and did not respond to’s current requests for comment.

Ashley was a social worker in Delaware at the time, and had campaigned for her father.

This is a lot of drama for one family to experience. In fact, to someone from the outside, it would seem that the Biden family is living under a curse of sorts. One that visits one generation to another.

One has to wonder what the reasons are for a “curse” like this?

Based on these reports and many others, could the cause allegedly be because the Biden family has operated with little conviction or loyalty except to the idea and worship of wealth at any cost?

It seems that insatiable desire is a bucket filled with holes.

Based on Hunter’s laptop it appears that the Bidens have had to pay at least $100,000 or more to fight the war against addiction in the form of rehabs.

It is unclear how much more money has been required to keep children like Hunter out of prison.

One thing is clear. What is happening to Joe’s family is not typical wealthy entitlement behavior. It’s almost as if the Biden family is being punished.

Could this be the fruit of decades of sowing bad seed within a nation?

Does having a hand in corrupting the moral fabric of a nation yield this kind of fruit?

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