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America’s Frontline Doctors Plan to File Lawsuit for Patients Denied Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin


Countless Americans have been denied alternative treatments for Covid while the CDC pushes vaccines as the cure.

Mainstream media still hides that these “vaccines” are experimental, which is the legal and scientifically accurate word to describe them.

The vaccines are in the investigational stages only.

The earliest the trials will be completed is in October 2022!

During this time, the CDC insists vaccines save lives without looking for early, life-saving treatments.

While mainstream doctors have denied patients life-saving treatment in the interest of vaccines, America’s Frontline Doctors push early treatment like President Trump received.

Thankfully, justice is around the corner.

If your pharmacy denied you alternative treatments for Covid, such as hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, you can now join a lawsuit with America’s Frontline Doctors.

Dr. Simone Gold believes “The future of humanity and our freedom lies in the hands of the believing Christians”- and she’s Jewish!

She spoke in April at a church and discussed her mission as founder of America’s Frontline Doctors.

As a board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Gold was told she would be sanctioned if she prescribed certain drugs for Covid treatment.

Which inspired her to start America’s Frontline Doctors to get the truth out about the pandemic and the Covid-19 rebranding.

She discusses this in her speech, called “Awaken,” which is available on Bitchute to watch.

Dr. Gold’s speech is also available on her Rumble channel.


Another Frontline Doctor, Dr. Stella Immanuel, discusses how a Cabal is behind the vaccine push and censoring early treatments for Covid.

Christianity Daily has more:

A doctor who faced the cancel culture’s attacks for promoting hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an effective treatment against COVID-19 is now speaking out to reveal the agenda behind the attempts to silence them.

According to Health Impact News network, Dr. Stella Immanuel, a medical practitioner from Houston, Texas, has successfully treated hundreds of her patients using HCQ, which she says helps with symptoms of COVID.

Last summer, she joined a group of doctors that traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for HCQ as an early treatment for COVID symptoms. Even though she did all she could to help others, she was still among the frontline doctors who suffered the brunt of cancel culture for opposing the COVID narrative that was fed to the public.

Her personal account of getting cancelled was discussed with Stephen Strang of Charisma News’s “Strang Report” podcast.

After everything they’ve seen and experienced in D.C., Dr. Immanuel and others who hold the same beliefs concluded that the goal wasn’t really about curing diseases, but about a propaganda.

“I knew that the battle was not a medical battle. It was a propaganda battle. It was a spiritual battle,” she said.

The video of her and other frontline doctors from around the country had a huge impact on social media. In response, the Big Tech said that it was being pulled down because it was full of misinformation.

Following that, Dr. Immanuel said that she was assaulted from all sides to the point of being demonized, particularly when former President Donald Trump tweeted the video.

“Looking back at what happened, we could not have planned to go that level of viral,” she said. “But the whole world was fed on the theory. In fact, everybody was like, ‘We’re all ‘gonna die.'”

Shutting them down is a “sinister” act, says Dr. Immanuel, because those who want to silence them either want to conceal the truth from people or for self-preservation.

“This whole thing, it’s very, it’s um, I would just say, it’s very sinister. This is not just happening in America. It’s happening all over the nations of the world over the nations,” she asserted.

Referring to a certain documentary in Brazil, Dr. Immanuel said that young doctors who hear about effective alternative medicines are eager to take care of patients. Nevertheless, she said that there were some hospital administrators who would rather allow patients to die. This deliberate neglect was motivated by the fact that hospitalization and medicine would incur additional costs.

“And the bottom line is, if there is an effective treatment for COVID. Then they cannot sell their genetic modifying experimental vaccine,” she said.

“So, this whole thing is about vaccines – about selling vaccines, about making sure that the 7 billion people in the world and protected with this genetic modifying vaccine – which is killing people. So, there’s a cabal, and when I say that, it means its deep and this is serious,” she added.

Indeed, this is the spiritual battle of our lifetime, and we need to put on the full armor of God and pray fervently.

Pharmaceutical companies and the Cabal have become major bullies during the pandemic. 

Thankfully, America’s Frontline Doctors are willing to stand up to the Deep State for the average American.

And as President Trump says, “Somebody had to do it.”

If you are interested in joining America’s Frontline Doctors’ lawsuit, visit their website and fill out a Pharmacy Plaintiff Intake Form.

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