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Emergency Supply: Chicago Elementary Schools Required To Carry Condoms


Remember back in the day when you had to go to the school nurse?

What did we go to her for anyway? Maybe a bandaid, or an icepack because someone bumped their head in Gym.

Once in a way, a girl would need to go there because it was “that time of the month” and she was usually given a flimsy sanitary pad that barely protected her until she got back home.

Well, how things have changed.

Guess what the Chicago elementary and middle schools are required to carry, starting September?


For all those sudden sexual emergencies, I guess.

For instance, could you imagine being in fifth-grade math and you suddenly have the need for a prophylactic and the school nurse doesn’t carry it?  Unthinkable!

According to the Chicago Sun Times:

Under the CPS policy, schools that teach fifth grade and up must maintain a condom availability program as part of an expanded vision of sexual health education. That means all but a dozen, which enroll only younger grades, of the more than 600 CPS schools will have condoms.

The idea was years in the making and, though it may come with some controversy, was what many experts agreed was a step in the right direction for student health, CPS’ top doctor Kenneth Fox said in an interview last week. Until now, principals have had massive leeway to use their own discretion on sex-related education and resources.

To start, elementary schools will get 250 condoms and high schools — many of which already make them available — will get 1,000. The Chicago Department of Public Health will provide the condoms at no cost to the district as part of the city’s effort to prevent teen pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. When a school runs out, principals will be told to request more from CPS and CDPH.

Schools will get a letter from Fox explaining the policy to parents, and principals will receive guidance for where to store the condoms and how to operate the program. The condoms should be in easily accessible locations in the school while also not too out in the open so there’s still privacy for students, Fox said.

“I would expect that not everybody is going to be completely on board right from the start, but I do think society has changed,” Fox said.

Asked why fifth grade was the target year, Fox said that decision was “informed by a developmental understanding of children,” and he didn’t believe there would be any adverse effects on younger kids.

In alignment with state standards, CPS’ sex ed curriculum includes lessons on puberty, hygiene, gender identity, relationships, sexual harassment, birth control, abstinence and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Some reaction from Twitter:

But of course, some on the Left thought it was absolutely necessary.

What kind of kids are these people raising if they think it’s appropriate for a 5th grader to have access to condoms?

I don’t know about you, but I feel the divide between the right and the left keeps growing. Sooner or later conservative families will need to either homeschool or form their own co-ops.

Because there is no place for our children in public schools anymore.


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