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Biden’s Pentagon Just Rewarded Big Tech Allies Who Won Him the Election


President Trump fought furiously against the power of big tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The president continually brought attention to Section 230 which gave big tech total immunity.

Like so many things, he saw the danger these monopolies posed well before most “experts” did.

A regular target of Trump was Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the owner of the Washington Post.

According to many, Bezos used the WaPo to further a progressive agenda while paving the way for his other business interests at the same time.

Jeff was taking the unholy union of news and commerce to lethal levels. The president saw this and continually brought attention to it.

He also brought accountability in ways the swamp had not done before.

Trump fought while his Republican “allies” did nothing to help him. Big tech giants like Bezos and Amazon declared open war on President Trump and essentially handed Joe Biden the election.

Now it’s time for Joe’s friends to get rewarded handsomly.

Joe can’t hand over piles of cash to his friends. That would bring too much attention. It would be too obvious for him to give them lavish high profile assignments to exotic locations.

The way that Joe rewards his friends is by giving them massive government contracts worth billions of dollars.

The Daily Mail blew the lid off one such situation happening right now where the Pentagon is re-allocating billions of dollars to, you guessed it, Amazon.

The Pentagon said Tuesday it is canceling a cloud-computing contract with Microsoft that could eventually have been worth $10 billion and will instead pursue a deal with both Microsoft and Amazon.

The reason the Pentagon gave for this change of course was a weak one.

The Pentagon said Tuesday it is canceling a cloud-computing contract with Microsoft that could eventually have been worth $10 billion and will instead pursue a deal with both Microsoft and Amazon.

The Pentagon decided to do this after Amazon sued them over their decision to go with rival vendor, Microsoft. Bezos claimed that it was a politically motivated decision and not based on merit.

According to multiple investigations and court rulings, there was no wrong-doing found in the decision to award Microsoft over Amazon.

The inspector general found no evidence of White House interference in the contract award process, but that review also said investigators could not fully review the matter because the White House would not allow unfettered access to witnesses.

Five months later, the Pentagon reaffirmed Microsoft as winner of the contract, but work remained stalled by Amazon’s legal challenge.

Interestingly, Microsoft stayed largely out of the political fray in 2020. Rather than play politics, they invested heavily into their technology to become one of the best in the cloud computing market.

Microsoft is paying for their integrity in Biden’s America. He’s taking billions of dollars and giving it to companies that were willing to play nice with him.

Officials did not directly mention that the Pentagon faced extended legal challenges by Amazon to the original $1 million contract awarded to Microsoft.

Amazon argued that the Microsoft award was tainted by politics, particularly then-President Donald Trump’s antagonism toward Amazon’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos.

Bezos owns The Washington Post, a news outlet often criticized by Trump.

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Microsoft isn’t ignorant to what is going on. Check out their official statement here.

Microsoft said in response to the Pentagon announcement, ‘We understand the DoD s rationale, and we support them and every military member who needs the mission-critical 21st century technology JEDI would have provided.

‘The DoD faced a difficult choice: Continue with what could be a years-long litigation battle or find another path forward.’

The tragedy is that by all accounts, the Microsoft powered JEDI program was the superior option that would have given our military the greatest advantage in the field.

It seems that the ones that pay the price are our men and women in uniform.

In Biden’s world, rewarding political allies is more important than protecting American interests.


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