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Biden Wants You to Take His Name As Collatoral for Your Future


There was a time when Presidents would captivate the entire nation with their words. Especially on powerful occasions like July 4th, it’s the role of the president to instill courage, hope, and excitement for the future of the nation.

Take this quote from President Ronald Reagan, for example.

Joe has decided to take a different route. By different, I mean the exact opposite approach.

Words do not exist to describe the lack of self-awareness taking place in Joe’s speech. The Daily Wire has more on this and explains why this is worse than it looks. Let’s dive in.

In the midst of his remarks celebrating Independence Day on the South Lawn of the White House, President Biden cited his last name as assurance that everything would turn out just fine for Americans. Biden first claimed, “Together, we’re breathing life into our economy.”

That’s right. Joe declared we are breathing life into our economy. With a straight face. Looking right into the camera.

Maybe it’s different for democrats.

For conservatives, missing job growth projections aren’t helping the economy.

Having thousands of undocumented workers being added to taxpayer-funded programs is not growing the economy.

Gas prices reaching over 3 dollars are not creating a bright economic future.

Keeping schools locked down so parents can’t go out and work is not in any economic growth textbook I’ve ever read.

Then, notwithstanding the partisan rhetoric that has marked his administration, he continued, “Together, we will rescue our people from division and despair. But together we must do it. Over the past year, we’ve lived through some of our darkest days.

I feel we’ve lived through enough of Biden’s presidency to translate what he really means.

By “together” and “we,” Joe means “You’re on your own America. Figure it out.”

When he declares he will rescue us from division and despair, Joe means he will do everything in his power to create more division and despair.

Pretty simple, really. Now for the highlight of his fantastic speech.

Now I truly believe — I give you my word as a Biden — I truly believe we’re about to see our brightest future.”

Yes, Joe just told America to put its hopes, dreams and future on the strength of the Biden name.

Maybe Democrats have a different angle. However most people associate the Biden name with “Hunter,” “Ukraine,” “Laptops,” and “Cocaine.” If this was on the teleprompter, Biden’s speechwriter needs to look for another job.

What makes this so off-base is that all of America is being awakened to how bad Biden is at his job. The polls are showing this in a big way, especially in the areas of crime, immigration, and the economy.

Biden’s “word as a Biden” that he guarantees a brighter future for America comes at a time when polls show confidence in him plunging. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Friday, noting Americans’ feelings about how Biden is handling crime, had as its heading: “Biden is Rated Poorly on Handling Crime.”

The poll found that as opposed to 38% of Americans approving of Biden’s actions in response to soaring crime rates, a whopping 48% disapproved. The poll stated, “The number of Americans seeing crime as an extremely serious problem in the United States is at a more than 20-year high, Joe Biden is underwater in trust to handle it.”

The poll, conducted between June 27-30, stated of Americans, “55 percent think increasing funding for police departments would reduce violent crime, 51 percent say the same about stricter enforcement of existing gun laws and 46 percent say so about stricter gun control laws.”

In regards to the immigration nightmare. Sources like the NY Post had this to say.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that a majority of Americans disapprove of the job President Joe Biden is doing on immigration — as illegal border crossings smash records month over month, creating an unprecedented crisis. The June 30th survey shows 51% of respondents are not satisfied with the president’s handling of the border crisis while 33% give him a thumbs up. … The poll found that Biden’s overall approval stood at 50%, 2 points down from an April survey, while disapproval held steady at 42%.

When it comes to the economy, the public sentiment isn’t any better towards Biden.

In addition to his sinking popularity vis-à-vis crime and the Southern border, Biden is plunging in a third area: the economy. Reuters reported that just among Democrats, his base, Biden’s approval numbers regarding the economy had spiraled downward 12 points between April and June, adding, “Just 35% of the country thinks the U.S. economy is headed in the right direction.”

“Consumer prices rose in May at the fastest rate since 2008, a bigger jump than economists had expected and one that is sure to keep inflation at the center of political and economic debate in Washington,” The New York Times admitted on June 10.

Biden’s shrinking poll numbers spell bad news for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

With an eye toward the 2022 midterm elections, Biden’s party shows potential vulnerability on crime in two hotspots: the Midwest, where the Republican Party leads the Democrats in trust to handle crime, 43-28 percent; and in the suburbs, a 43-31 percent GOP advantage,” the poll noted.

To sum it up, like an egotistical, left-winged savior, Biden is demanding Americans believe in the power of his name to save them.

However, based on his failure on three of the most important issues facing America, he may have more in common with the Antichrist than Jesus.

Hopefully, the rest of America will realize this before it’s too late.

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