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This Is What Democrats Think About Kamala for President in 2024


Despite her loud kackling, Kamala Harris cannot drown out the growing doubt coming from her own party.


According to outlets such as Axios, there have been multiple leaks regarding Harris’s dysfunctional VP office. From her chief of staff down, reports are that beneath her condescending smile, lies troubled waters.

Top White House officials are mobilizing to defend Vice President Kamala Harris amid a gusher of leaks about dysfunction and infighting in her office.

The frustration coming from certain White House officials is understandable. When you’ve spent all your energy babysitting Joe Biden, the last thing you want to do is come home and see what Harris has done to your living room rug.

Nonetheless the White House is trying to do damage control by forcing people to deny that Kamala Harris and her team are horrible people that are incapable of doing anything well.

Some White House officials have been frustrated by a series of missteps from Harris and increasingly public bickering in her orbit, which spilled out in a Politico story on Wednesday. Flournoy’s old boss, former President Bill Clinton, came to her defense with a statement calling her “an extraordinary person.”

That’s right, they even gave Bill Clinton a call to vouch for the Vice President’s chief of staff. Desperate times indeed.

Beyond more than reports of internal clashing between the Harris and Biden team. It’s the chronic failure Harris has been delivering each day. It’s Hall of Fame worthy.

An operation sometimes visibly out of sync with Biden’s — and missteps during a recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, following a scrutinized interview with NBC’s Lester Holt — have reignited questions from Harris’ 2020 primary bid.

The reason why this is a problem is because most Democrat operatives agree that it’s unlikely Biden will run for a second term. That’s the whole reason they chose Harris in the first place. She checks off all the boxes on their progressive wishlist.

The only problem with their plan is that Kamala is horrible at her job.

Now the Left is sweating because they dont’ believe Harris can win in 2024.

Harris would be the presumptive nominee if Biden didn’t run. Administration sources believe it would be nearly impossible to unseat the first Black woman vice president.

Yet many Democrats, including some current senior administration officials, are concerned she could not defeat whomever the Republican Party puts up — even if it were Donald Trump.

Things are devolving so badly that many are wondering if Harris should be the nominee in 2024 at all.

One Democratic operative tells Axios’ Alayna Treene that most Democrats aren’t saying, “‘Oh, no, our heir apparent is f***ing up, what are we gonna do?’ It’s more that people think, ‘Oh, she’s f***ing up, maybe she shouldn’t be the heir apparent

Many people are trying to defend Kamala by putting the blame on her chief of staff and her office.

Some Biden officials view the Harris operation as poorly-managed and staffed with people who don’t have long-term relationships with her. They feel she’s gotten bad advice from her press and communications shop and think it’s telling that she’s already lost two advance aides and a digital director.

However that excuse only goes so far. President Trump was a good leader not becuase he knew everything. He excelled because he surrounded himself with the right people. When they were not a good fit for the times they were in, he moved on and upgraded.

Kamala seems incapable of doing anything right. In fact everything she touches seems to get worse.

The migration crisis, space force, labor, broadband, small business assistance and women in the workforce, all her reponsiblity. Every one of these areas has either been neglected or entered into a spiral of failure.

One thing is for certain, Kamala is getting on everybody’s nerves. The more she fails, even the main stream media will have a hard time staying loyal.

The best gift for conservatives will be for Kamala to be the democratic nominee in 2024. That would be truly a lot of fun.

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