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Exposed | Biden Center Recieved More than 50Mil From China After Campaign Announcement


Fox News has reported another article to add to the pile of Joe Biden’s shady dealings with foreign superpowers for personal gain.

We know about Hunter Biden leveraging his father’s name for special treatment in China and the Ukraine.

Americans remember Biden using Air Force 2 as his personal Brinks Truck, bringing Hunter along to close personal deals on taxpayer fuel and resources.

What many may not know about is the Biden Center that operates out of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

Intrestingly enough, Joe has just nominated the president of UPenn to be the next embassador to Germany. Funny how that keeps happening.

President Joe Biden has nominated the China-linked president of the University of Pennsylvania to be the next U.S. ambassador to Germany.

Amy Gutmann is the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science and was praised by Fortune in 2018 as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” according to the university.

And she’s been president of UPenn since 2004.

Is nominating the president of a university you have a vested interest in shady? Most people would say yes. However this is not the most egregious thing about Biden’s relationship with UPenn and the Biden Center.

It turns out that the Biden Center has been largely paid for by donations from China.
Yes, the same China that has been getting a free pass ever since he’s gotten into office.

Don’t let the PR statements and threats Biden’s been making against China fool you. Behind the tough talk, China’s been eating our lunch on Biden’s dime.

But between 2013 and last year, the university allegedly received tens of millions in undisclosed donations from China, according to the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative-leaning public ethics group. And the dollar totals dramatically increased after the school opened its Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.”

The NLPC filed a complaint against UPenn last year, alleging $22 million in “anonymous” donations from the country for the Biden Center and $70 million from China in total.

“The University of Pennsylvania has stonewalled all inquiries into the identities of the Chinese donors who made $22 million anonymous donations to the university,” NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty told Fox News on Saturday. “We think it’s time for her (Dr. Gutmann) to answer the question and identify the donors.”

Some may say that this is merely a coincidence. After all, the University of PA is a prestigous school, I’m sure many people from China want their kids to get in and maybe these donations have something to do with that.

Here’s the problem with that assumption. It turns out that Chinese donations for the Biden Center increased by nearly 400% the same year he announced his bid for President.

The Biden Center opened in March 2017, about a year before Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign.

The complaint charges that in 2017, out of a total of $7.7 million in donations from China, $500,000 came from anonymous donors. After Biden launched his campaign in 2018, the total jumped to $27.1 million, with anonymous donors giving $15.8 million. And in 2019, Chinese donors gave $26.9 million to the center, $6 million anonymously.

“Academia is awash in Chinese cash,” Flaherty said. “It’s time for administrators to start answering questions about it.”

When you pair the vast sums of money with the timing of Joe’s election campaign, it’s pretty clear that the Chinese money wasn’t just because China cares about educating the next generation. It seems that this was all about access to the Oval Office.

Biden is also seemingly rewarding the people responsible for helping him get away with this. Joe is recruiting all the people associated with the Biden Center and putting them in powerful roles within the government. Specifically in the areas of foreign policy.

And Gutmann is not the first person linked to UPenn’s Biden Center and the Chinese donation controversy to be nominated for a Biden administration role, and NLPC member Tom Anderson predicted in November that “every person” there would be a potential Biden administration member.

“This center was an incubation for Biden’s foreign policy team and it’s a natural place for his choice of secretary of state,” Tom Anderson, director of the public integrity project for the NLPC, told Fox News shortly after Biden announced Antony Blinken as his secretary of state pick.

Blinken had been the Biden Center’s managing director from 2017 until he left to join Biden’s presidential campaign in 2019. But he was never forced to answer questions about the Chinese donations during his confirmation hearings.

It’s becoming harder to keep track of all the ways Biden is profiting from foreign nations. It may take several years before we realize the scope of the Biden money operation. By that time, hopefully it’s not too late for America to turn things around and re-establish itself as the super power it’s supposed to be.


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