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WATCH: If Trump Was FOR It Then “Science” Was AGAINST It


No surprise here, but the admission is startling.

We all know that these Democrats, Liberals, and other associated statists push “science” as some organized religion or a cult-like proposition.

When leftists claim that they believe in “science” what they’re actually saying is: “I de facto believe everything the television tells me, and I toe the line my appointed state priests tell me.”

That’s it. That’s their entire “scientific” world view in a nutshell.

Now it comes out that even the “scientists” these people worship were not very scientific with their own positions, research, and findings.

Reports reveal that the scientific community opposed or supported notions purely on the basis of what President Trump was behind at any given time.

In other words: If he went right, they went left.

Not only is this disgusting, but it’s criminal. Innocent people died as a result of these scientists and their pettiness. The global economy took a large hit because some people didn’t like a guy they barely even knew.

Think about that for a second.

The scientific community abandoned us, they abandoned America. They abandoned every principle and oath that they should have held dear.

They abandoned the objectivity of a scientific mind entirely, and we are still supposed to trust these people?

I say they will never regain my trust ever again.

Take a look:

Becker News revealed:

During the hearing, Dr. Giroir pointed out that there were a number of ‘controversies’ regarding the COVID response that arose because ‘Trump was a controversial figure.’

“But there was such bias against the president,” Dr. Giroir said, “That even thinking you were helping the president, you were excommunicated from the scientific community.”

“And I think that is a really important factor,” he added.

“I just want to dig in on that a little bit,” Dr. Mark Green, a congressman from Tennessee, interjected. Green pointed out that in residency doctors would often critically examine medical journal articles for signs of bias.

“There is a new bias in our scientific community,” Green concluded. “And it is — Trump.”

An interesting piece from India Today highlights the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine:

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One of the co-authors of the study, Dr Raj Kamal Choudhry said, “In the 1985-86 edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine [a highly recommended book for students studying medicine in medical colleges], Dr Fauci wrote that HCQ worked an anti-viral agent despite being an anti-malarial drug. There was no Covid-19 back then. HCQ’s anti-viral properties were known.

”Dr Raj Kamal Choudhry, who was the nodal officer for the prophylaxis study of HCQ in Bihar’s Bhagalpur medical college, said, “We had given about 2,700 doctors and paramedical staff, laundry and kitchen people the prophylaxis of HCQs in the dose of HCQs 400 mg 1×2 for first day then 1 tab daily for 4 days.” 

“We did not give to those who had palpitations and had QT prolongation [a measure of heart ailment]. Those who took this drug did not have Covid excepting 5 and 6. The effect was tremendous. Later, we gave this drug to all who had mild cases. Only those patients who were in ICU were not given.”

“Of 2,700 people who were given HCQs, 700 were doctors. Only five or six got infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Bhagalpur but none developed serious complications, and nobody died of Covid-19,” Dr Raj Kamal Choudhry told Indiatoday.

Incidentally, Donald Trump, who tested positive for Covid-19 in October, recovered fast from the coronavirus infection without showing any serious complication.



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