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President Trump: “Yes.” I Have Made Up My Mind About 2024


It’s official.

President Trump has made a decision about whether he will run for re-election in 2024.

When Sean Hannity asked whether Trump decided on running a third time, he said:


Firmly and strongly.

Yes, President Trump has made up in his mind what he’s going to do.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before he reveals that decision to the public.

Trump is a man of action.

He’s a man of sticking to his gut and fighting.

This means that he is not waiting to see what damage Biden is doing to the country.

Instead, this means that Trump will begin fighting immediately to fight to Save America.

The New York Post confirms this story:

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday he had made up his mind about whether he would seek to regain the White House in 2024, but declined to actually say whether he would launch yet another presidential campaign.

“You’re not going to answer, but I have to ask,” Fox News host Sean Hannity told Trump at a town hall event in Edinburg, Texas.

“Where are you in the process, or — let me ask you this, without giving the answer … have you made up your mind?”

“Yes,” Trump responded, generating applause from the friendly audience.

“I think you got it right,” Hannity told the crowd, referring to their presumption that the 45th president would enter the 2024 presidential sweepstakes.

Trump has laid the groundwork for a potential run in conventional and unconventional ways in recent months.

He addressed the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida this past February and has held or is planning to hold campaign-style rallies in the battleground states of Florida, Georgia, Ohio and North Carolina.

The former president has also continued to rail against the 2020 election result, insisting without evidence that the outcome was fraudulent and taking aim at onetime political allies like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and former Attorney General Bill Barr.

On Wednesday, Trump railed against McConnell again, saying the Kentuckian “can no longer do the job.” He also lashed out against “RINOs” (“Republicans in name only”) and “weak Republicans” in Washington, comparing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal announced last week by President Biden to the 1938 Munich Agreement that is seen as a low point in appeasement of Nazi Germany.

“They walk into the White House — I’ve been watching for four weeks now — they walk in, they meet Biden, he doesn’t know what the hell’s happening,” Trump said. “They meet Biden … And finally, they walk out, they have a deal, and the deal is a terrible deal. But it’s a deal, and it sort of reminds me of England a long time ago, ‘We have a deal, we have a deal.’ You remember the deal they made with Germany? Not too good.”

“So, they have a deal,” the former president added, “and then Biden canceled the deal, because the radical left said, ‘You can’t make that deal; that deal’s no good. We want to spend $6 trillion.’”

The best part of the video is when the crow bursts into applause.

You can tell that the American people are thrilled at the opportunity to have President Trump in the White House again.

Of course, President Trump has hinted that this might happen sooner than expected.

Remember, the audit that took place in Arizona is historic.

Other states are poised to follow in Arizona’s footsteps.

When the forensic audit reports are released to the public, there will be a political earthquake!

The Hill also confirms Trump’s statements on 2024:

Former President Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he has made a decision on whether he will run for president again in 2024.

“You are not going to answer, but I have to ask, where are you in the process,” Hannity said to Trump on Wednesday, regarding his decision on whether to mount another White House bid. “Let me ask you this, without giving the answer, what the answer is, have you made up your mind?”

Trump’s answer comes days after he held his first post-presidential rally in Ohio, where he talked about the “catastrophe” of the Biden administration.

Trump has been seen at the top of multiple polls for Republican contenders for the 2024 election, but would still have a crowded field to face if he chose to run.

“If you move forward, you know how difficult it is, but you seem ready to reengage in that battle,” Hannity said later in the interview.

“It’s not that I want to,” Trump said. “The country needs it. We have to take care of this country. I don’t want to, is this fun? Fighting constantly? Fighting always? I mean, the country, what we have done is so important.”

Trump has hinted that he won’t officially make an announcement until after the 2022 midterm elections.

But for those paying close attention, this could be the biggest indicator that Trump plans on being in the White House once again!

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