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One of the World’s Most Remote Towns Goes Into Full Lockdown…….Due to 1 COVID-19 Case


Australia adopted the “Zero-COVID” strategy in its fight against COVID-19.

But that’s just a pipe-dream and an excuse for their government to institute never-ending lockdowns for the foreseeable future.

Because anyone who thinks COVID-19 will disappear forever is living in another reality.

The virus will continue to mutate and take years to eradicate.

But it may never be eradicated, who knows.

Unfortunately, some governments across the globe use the virus as their crutch to continue their descension into authoritarianism.

Australia is one of the best examples out there.

The country has operated as a prison for over a year and the police have violently abused citizens.

Lockdowns have been instituted in major cities over a handful of cases.

The latest round of insanity involves the isolated town of Alice Springs.

Regarded as the gateway to the vast Australian Outback, Alice Springs plunged into a draconian 72-hour lockdown.

And that lockdown was due to one COVID-19 case.

Alice Springs has a population of roughly 25,000 and sits over 900 miles from any major city.

But that didn’t stop the tyrants from placing the entire town under lockdown.

Here’s more:


Reuters reported:

The town of Alice Springs, in the middle of Australia’s vast outback wilderness and gateway to UNESCO World Heritage-listed Uluru, on Wednesday joined four major cities by locking down, to prevent a potential outbreak of the Delta coronavirus variant.

In the past few days, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin imposed lockdowns, though the number of cases recorded daily nationwide were still being counted in tens rather than hundreds.

Around one in two Australians are now under stay-at-home orders, with millions of others subjected to movement curbs and mandatory mask-wearing amid flare-ups of the highly contagious strain in several locations.

On Wednesday the COVID scare reached the far-flung town of Alice Springs, as officials issued stay-at-home orders after a potentially infected traveller used the airport.

Though less than 30,000 people live in Alice Springs, it is known by tourists around the world as the town they have to visit to reach the giant red sandstone monolith of Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, that lies 335 km (208 miles) to the southwest and is sacred to the Indigenous Australians.

While Northern Territory (NT) recorded no cases of community transmission, the region’s officials opted for caution over the potential exposure at Alice Springs due to concerns about the potential impact on indigenous communities.

“The reason we are doing this lockdown is the size of the exposure window and vulnerability of the local population. I will take no risk with that,” NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said.

With more than five million residents of greater Sydney under a two-week lockdown until July 9, New South Wales state reported 22 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, all linked to prior infections.

That was up slightly from the previous two days, but below the peak of 30 new cases reported on Sunday. The state remains the worst-affected in the current outbreak that started two weeks ago when a limousine driver who transported overseas airline crew tested positive.

Elsewhere, the northeast state of Queensland reported three new locally acquired cases, Western Australia state logged one, and South Australia reported its first locally transmitted cases this year.

Officials in Queensland stopped short of imposing a full lockdown, saying they believed the threat was contained.

Summit News delivered this take:

“Everyone in the town has been told they need to stay at home for three days – only being allowed to leave for food, healthcare, exercise, work and to provide care for others,” reports Sky News. “It comes after a man who travelled through Alice Springs’ airport later tested positive for the coronavirus.”

That’s right – due to a SINGLE case of COVID being detected, the entire town of 30,000 people is now under lockdown, despite being 800 miles away from the nearest major cities of Darwin and Adelaide.

The entire Northern Territories area where Alice Springs is located only has 6 current active COVID cases.

“It is unlikely that he was highly infectious during his time at Alice Springs airport,” said Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner. “But, like all other other decisions we will not take a punt on this.”

Once again, this underscores the utter stupidity of following ‘zero COVID’ policies that ensure rolling lockdowns will be in place for years to come because there will never be a situation in the near future where coronavirus is completely eradicated.

Around half of Australia’s population is back under lockdown due to the government’s inability to accept that the world has to live with COVID and cannot shut down society forever.

As we previously highlighted, Australia’s first lockdown was one of the most draconian in the developed world.

Authorities gave themselves the power to have police remove children from the custody of their parents in order to ensure compliance with coronavirus rules, while a pregnant woman was arrested in her own home merely for promoting an anti-lockdown protest.

Police in Melbourne also announced that they would be using surveillance drones to catch people who don’t wear masks and to keep track of cars that travel further than 5km from home, while also exercising the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant and perform quarantine spot checks.

As we reported earlier this month, COVID-19 lockdowns were found to have been a major contributing factor to a doubling in attempted suicides of those aged between 5-25 in Australia.

With that “Zero-COVID” strategy, Australians need to stand up or prepare to live under an authoritarian regime for years to come.


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